10 Bridesmaid Duties for a Memorable Hen Party

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While the bride takes on most of the wedding planning stress, we have to give it up for the MVPs behind the scenes: the bridesmaids who are by their side through everything.

As bridesmaids, we act as the support system for the brides. We are the go-to girls to rant at, cry to, plan, and get excited with, and most important of all: we embark on the whole process above the call of duty with no questions asked.

One of the most important tasks a bridesmaid is trusted with is the hen party to help the bride bid adieu to her single days.

We know this can seem like a heavy task so we’ve prepared a checklist to make sure your hen party’s a blast:

  1. Lock in the logistics ln

First things first: check out your calendar and be firm with the date

Ideally, a hen party should be held around 4-6 weeks prior to the wedding. As this party entails the visitors to come bearing gifts for the bride, this will allow them enough time to get their finances (and their outfits!) in check.

Don’t forget about securing your venue ahead of time as well, so that people can RSVP to the event early.

  1. Reasonable price range, please!

It’s not fair to ask your co-bridesmaids or guests to shell out more dough than what’s reasonable, and you don’t want to have buyer’s regret after you’ve blown unnecessary money on one night.

Even if you’re aiming for a lavish celebration, it’s best to only ask for reasonable contributions as the wedding is still the highlight.

  1. Don’t forget the “mystery” event

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Ah, the highlight of every hen party. This is probably one of the first things you think about when party planning, and there’s a lot of attention drawn to this exciting part of the evening.

It’s easy to get dancers from the yellow pages or a quick Google search but, you have to pick the best form of entertainment for a night to remember.

Double check reviews and find a service that can cater to all your hen party needs. You can check out the packages here and pick the one to suit your bride and your guests best.

  1. Consult the bride

Although this party is meant to be a surprise, you need to find the balance between keeping the bride-to-be informed and still keeping your secrets up your sleeve.

You can find out how far and adventurous she’s willing to go and respect her limits. For example, she might want male entertainment without getting too rowdy so it’s best to check which activities to plan for her.

  1. Get the groom’s side too

The groom-to-be’s insight could come in handy as well! After all, he knows her the best and his suggestions could help you decide on the theme and the guest list.

  1. Delegate responsibilities

Don’t carry this burden all by yourself!

Make sure that you’ve delegated the essentials, from the plastic cups to the decorations, and assign who’s bringing what. You wouldn’t want to spend the night scrambling for utensils instead of dancing the night away with your guests.

  1. Collaborate with your guests

This could confuse the whole process but, trust us: involving your guests can help them enjoy the party more.

Try avoiding vague questions like “what are we doing?” because that will just lead to a minefield of arguments. Run them through your plans and ask them if they have suggestions. If it’s something that can work with the party then they’ll be glad you listened to their suggestions.

You can’t please everyone, but take their insights into consideration.

  1. Plan your activities

This party will span the whole night (maybe ‘til the wee hours of the morning) which is why it’s best to plan mini-games and activities leading up to the mystery event! It can range from spa treatments to hen party life drawings—just make sure the bride will have fun and feel special!

  1. Don’t go overboard

Going above the call of duty is admirable, but don’t be so uptight that you don’t let guests enjoy themselves! Be flexible with your plans because, as people enjoy themselves, they chit-chat and gossip, and time flies. Give a little breathing room for your schedule.

If everyone’s having a good time, it’s okay to miss a few activities from your schedule.

  1. You should have fun too!

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You’re a bridesmaid, not a party organizer. Although it may come with the job title, you don’t need to be clutching onto a clipboard the whole night and excluding yourself from activities.

A hen party is all about having fun, so do it! Don’t forget to bond with the bride, the entourage, and your guests. This party is meant for your enjoyment as well so don’t leave your fun out of the equation. Relax, enjoy the night, and take as many photos as you can!