3 Advantages of Dating Asian Men

There are so many prejudices within our world, that it can sometimes be a little difficult to decide the truths from all the fiction that is around us.  You can see these issues at work, you can see them in schools, and you can definitely see them taking shape within the world of dating.

When it comes to the men that women like yourself want to date, you may think that you have a good idea of what you want and need, but are you sure about that??  Or are you simply visualizing what you perceive as the best man for you, because that is what you have been told in the past or seen others be successful with?

While you may think that the American or Italian guy is a great match for you, you may want to consider the reasons why you haven’t considered any of the Asian men that you have crossed paths with.  These men are just as amazing as many of the other guys that you know, and they might even be better than any of those other men.

Here are 3 advantages of dating Asian men:

  1. Asian men are phenomenal at math

Math is a difficult subject and many people struggle with the basics, let alone the more complex problems.  As a woman, you may appreciate the fact that you are with a man who can give you the answer to any mathematical equation in less time than you can say it!  This skill can benefit both of you in the future if you decide to purchase a home, invest, or simply work on a practical budget.

  1. Asian men focus on future financial stability

Yes, this advantage does coincide with the first one, as it has to do with math.  However, it is common knowledge that Asians have a tradition of always saving more than they earn.  If you are of the same mindset, or would like to be, then I encourage you to seek out an Asian man for your next date and start a conversation that you will most likely find intriguing.  

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  1. Cuter and more intelligent mixed babies

Asian men can create some wonderfully cute mixed babies and they are all quite intelligent too!  A journal called Nature even conducted a study that showed that parents who have distinctly different genes grew up to be smarter than their peers.  Imagine having quite the intelligent child, who also happens to be a beauty!

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