3 things that nobody told you about erotic massage

One of the topics of discussion surrounded by much controversy it’s the erotic massage. Everybody talks about it, but nobody wants to admit the this is the one of the most pleasuring things in life!

Even if you already tried its benefits or if your are interesed in visiting an erotic massage salon in the near future, you should know some details in order to make this experience better.

Today, we will reveal 3 things that nobody told you about erotic massage!

It’s not all about sexual satisfaction

No doubt: erotic massage is a good way to achieve relaxation. In fact, it has the purpose to give satisfaction, while giving you the chance to explore your sexuality. It is an experience in which the individual it’s sensing touches that has the purpose to stimulate its pleasure. In fact, this is one of the most frequent myth about erotic massage. In reality, erotic massage it’s not only about sexual satisfaction.

First of all, it’s about releasing the tension from your body and mind, while giving you a relaxing mood. Beyond the erotic part, this kind of massage helps you achieve a state of complete calmness, focusing on the two main body areas that collect stress: the shoulders and the back.

We bet that from now on you’ll consider the ideea of getting a massage erotic much more interesting!

Maseuses are not promiscuos women

Despite the beliefs, the ones who work in parlors are not prostitutes. Many people make the mistake to treat them like they are some promiscuous women, but this not a healthy mindset.

The maseuses are trained persons, who learned the specific tecqniques of massage. Besides, they know the secrets of many differnt types of erotic massage, like tantra massage, nude massage, double erotic massage, prostatic massage and many others. Did you know that are required many years of training for mastering all this types of massages?

Also, an erotic massage is a form of art, not a thing that includes vulgarity.

You should take care of your hygiene

Regarding their job, maseuses interact with a big number of men. A detail that is not known by many of the visitors it’s that the hygiene it’s very important to have a good experience at a parlor of this kind.

Your body is your temple! Taking care of your hygiene it’s an act of politeness for yourself and for the maseuses, so don’t forget to take a shower before.