4 Ways to Make Your Gender Reveal Party Even More Extra

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Most parents are looking forward to knowing the gender of their child. For expecting mothers, the gender of their baby can be identified between 16 to 20 weeks through the use of ultrasound.

It is an exciting moment for the parents, and once they knew the result of their child’s gender, they would like to remember the moment by throwing in a great gender reveal party. Celebrating with friends and family is one of the unique ways to mark the event, and there are tips and tricks that parents can do to make the gender reveal party memorable and more extra.

  1. Gender Reveal Party Themes

Most of the themes for a gender reveal party would showcase the fun side of the child’s parents. The themes used in a gender reveal party varies, and it needs a lot of imagination on how the party should look like.

The basic rule in throwing up this kind of party is to remember the use of pink and blue, which are the traditional colors that represent either gender. Some parents are also noting their expected month to give birth, and creating a theme out of the holiday that falls on that month.

For example, it would be fun if parents would be creating blue and pink pumpkins for a baby expected by October, or a blue and pink Easter eggs for a party thrown near the date of the Lenten Season. Balloons could also be used for the party theme. It adds a great decoration for the party, and it also comes cheap.

  1. Invite the Guests to Participate

To add more excitement to a gender reveal party, parents should ask their guests to guess the baby’s gender. Then, they could either wear pink or blue. Accessories can also be given by the parents, making their guests choose which gender the baby might be. There could also be a small ballot box where the guests could cast their votes on the baby’s gender. Overall, the participation of the guests adds more fun to the party.

  1. Gender Reveal Party Food

The food for gender reveals party varies per family, but what everyone does is to make a cupcake and to put either a pink or blue icing on it. Placing a dye on the food that will be served during the gender reveal party is important, and the colors pink and blue should be used to represent the baby’s gender.

  1. Gender Reveal Party Supplies

There are companies which specialize in manufacturing supplies for these kinds of parties, like the Wedding Sparklers Outlet. They sell confetti cannons that can be used at the party to add more excitement, and they also have other items sold to host an excellent party.