5 Reasons Why London Escorts Are the Best in the World

The Brits know how to do just about anything with class and decorum, but just what is it about the London escort game that makes them the top choice for escorts the world over?

London. One of the finest cities in the world, it bustles with iconic architecture, exceptional nightlife, and some of the most influential art and fashion trends. But London doesn’t stop there. In a city that has few natives it is one of the most multicultural megalopolis the world has ever seen, ensure that there is indeed, something for everyone. London escorts have been immortalized and heralded for their impressive talents in television shows as well as films and books.  And for good reason. London escorts are the best in the biz and here are five reasons why.

  1. They know how to work a faltering economy

While the UK has been experiencing the same financial crisis that seems to be present the world over, a London escort knows how to move with the times. Even though the financial crunch has hit home in a lot of places, these women are definitely not starving, and it’s because they know exactly how to take care of a man. In times of destitution, frustration, and uncertainty, it’s no wonder that more men than ever before are turning to the professionals. London escorts have been reported recently to be charging customers up to 50% less than their standard rates of a few years ago, but even in tightening their own belts, they’re still happy to loosen yours.

  1. They are just as multicultural as their fine city

London escorts are just as vibrant and multifaceted as the city itself, which works out great if you’re a potential punter.  It’s not only easy, but encouraged, to find a London escort that fits your needs exactly. Any culture, race, or fetish you may be into, London has an escort for that. Not only that, but price ranges easily fit into just about any budget. The girls of any London escorting agency are clean, and happy to play along with just about any fantasy you can decide on. The only hard part is choosing which one to play out.

  1. Sex work is legal

The UK is one of the few forward thinking countries in Europe when it comes to sew work. While it’s illegal to pimp, run a brothel, or kerb crawl, it is not illegal to exchange sexual favors for money. Which makes it not only easier as a potential customer, but also much easier as a sex worker. This essentially changes the stigma associated with sex work, making it easier for London escorts to get health checks and have fairer representation should safety become an issue. No, brothels are technically illegal, but the Brits have found a way to live outside of these laws with massage parlors and some really exceptional agency websites, that allow the girls to work through them and not for them.

  1. You get what you pay for

While London escorts may cost a bit more than you may be used to, there’s good reason. Most agencies or women who go through agencies, are able to provide punters with not only greater choice, but also mutually assured safety. With checks on either side of the fence, the girls are guaranteed to show up, as long as you can prove you are who you say you are and you have the money to sit at the table. The GFE experience is one of the London escorts hottest commodities, and something that everyone is clamoring for. Although this means that you’ll need to purchase more than just a scant hour with the woman of your choice, it also opens up a brave new world of possible experiences that will have you begging for more, even after being satisfied several times.

  1. Like everything London, their work is steeped in tradition

London escorts are upholding a tradition that’s literally thousands of years old- like seemingly everything in the UK. With tradition, however, comes mastery, and these women are definitely masters of their crafts. London escorts have taken all of the best tricks (pun intended) from the days of ol’ and added a contemporary spin on them, breeding a new class of classy escort. These women aren’t just a gorgeous accompaniment to your evening, they’re also versed in just about every sex act you can imagine. Well read, and well bred, they’re the perfect fit for any gentleman, whether you’re just looking for a great way to spend a few hours in the city, or have a free weekend to spend with the doll of your choice.