6 Sex Positions to Try for Fun and Pleasure

Many couples reflect on whether you can get exciting sexual positions that they have not tried and that can contribute to their sexual fun. The Kama Sutra along with other sexual manuals have popularized the idea of ​​different sexual positions to add interest and variety to the sexual life of a couple. However, many couples restrict their sex life to just trying 2 or maybe 3, and also part of the problem is understanding exactly what the possibilities are! Of course, pornographic movies can provide you with a series of suggestions, but remember that what professional actors do on a screen is not always so easy for some ‘fans’ in your room!

However, sex is a part of your life that you must guarantee absolutely has a lot to prevent from becoming rancid. Even small variations in your favorite positions can improve your fun and enjoyment. Let me share six other sexual positions that you may not have thought about. You will love trying to discover what you think!

Woman lying on her stomach with the male on top. This is a variation of the location of the family, except that the female is lying down instead of kneeling. The male is also here, also level, although he uses the elbows of his support. This is a wonderfully sensual place. The man is allowed to feel the woman’s entire body, which includes being in a position to kiss her neck. It is also able to give women the feeling of being completely under the control of men, which for many women, in the appropriate circumstances, could be erotic in a right. This is a good place for when the two are not particularly animated by sex. It is often a fantastic method to do it late at night, just before bedtime.

Woman sitting on the man’s back. This is extremely visually exciting for the man, as he has a great view of the woman’s anus and buttocks. You can also gently tickle your anus while you are in this location. If the female puts the kilos on her knees, the male can control the penetration with her hips and hold the female’s hips with her hands. The female can lean forward slightly, which will put additional pressure on the base of the penis, as well as on the posterior wall of the vagina.

Woman lying on her back, the man is lying on the edge with 1 of his legs between his. Again, an extremely visual position for the man, since he is also able to put his penis and the woman. The man can promote the clitoris of the female in this location. Although it will be a bit quieter for man, this is a variation of the standard ‘missionary’ position.

Couple standing with the man behind and the woman leaning forward. Make sure the female has something to lean on, such as a bed or maybe a wall. This can be great for a ‘quickie’!

female lying on her back with a pillow underneath; male kneeling in front between the female’s legs. This elevates the female’s hips, which makes it possible for the male to enter another perspective in normal missionary work. Again, it is an extremely fascinating visually masculine placement.

He is lying next to the man behind. It is sometimes called ‘spoon’, but this requires real vision instead of just hugging. The female could lean forward slightly to obtain a much better entry angle.

Vary sexual positions.

Applied to a relationship, you can do a lot to keep your love life exciting and fresh. Obviously, classic favorites, such as doggy and missionary positions, are fabulous, but they play with what was describedd above along with several others She works and talks with her partner about what each of you probably likes.

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