6 Ways to keep butterflies alive in a Long Distance Relationship.

Maintaining a long distance relationship is difficult, and both should have the strong bond of trust. It requires trust, patience and lots of interest. Whether you are a few miles away or your partner is at abroad for an internship. If you will many challenges during long distance Relationship, and often women tend to confuse how to keep a man interested in her and maintain a strong healthy relationship. Your partner may lose interest in you if you don’t have a proper communication frequently. Here are some few points that will help maintain a strong long-distance relationship.

  • Have a conversation on phone call.

It is most apparent that you will call your partner daily, but having a phone call that lasts for about 2 to 3 hours once or twice in a week will keep your communication strong. There are numerous social networking sites offering free voice call, so you don’t even have to worry about the phone bills. Try to understand them, when they are busy with their work and don’t receive your call.

  • Have a date night using video chat.

Technologies like video chats are boon for long-distance communication, and you can have a good face to face conversation. Dress up well and women can even wear a simple makeup to look good in a video call is one of the great solutions to how to keep a man interested.

  • Show interest in the daily activities of your partner.

Knowing the everyday small activities of the partner will make you as well as your partner connected. Ask about the routines, and show your interest in listening to how was their day. This will build a strong relationship even if you are long distanced. Remember don’t be creepy, and ask suspicious questions which might irritate them. Always trust their answers and listen to their issues in daily life.

  • Exchange gifts.

Exchanging gifts can make you and your partner excited and have an interest in each other’s choices and favorites. Gifts are a token of love and will make one feel special by receiving them. Sending gifts are now easy due to online shopping sites, where they even make gift cards and send it to your special ones.

  • Send sweet wishes and messages every morning and night.

Sending cute and sweet good morning wish will surely make your partner feel good early in the morning when he or she checks the phone. Also, try to have a 10-15 minutes conversation before sleeping, and wish them good night, this will help stay connected every day and night.

  • Have a set plan to visit.

If you and your partner do not have time to meet each other then, there are higher possibilities of getting into the friend zone. Always try to plan to meet each other for a dinner or party together.

In case you are in a long-distance relationship presently or will have one in future then, these points will surely help how to keep a man interested or woman interested in a long-distance relationship.