Over time, women who work as company ladies have always been blamed and were shown with the finger because people have preconceptions. Not many are capable of understanding these women and seeing beyond appearance: that’s why myths about these ladies and girls, myths that can easily be dismantled!

They have poor hygiene!

Completely false! Because many people confuse Amsterdam escorts company ladies with the women at the corners of the streets, they think they have poor hygiene and are not trustworthy when it comes to intimate relationships. But the truth is quite different! Practically, women who accompany men to different social events by charging a tariff for doing so are much more caredled and more arranged than many of woman who work in various other fields! Ladies want to always look good, shine and show to those around them a posture (both as attitude and physically) irreproachable. They spend a lot of time on their own, starting from removing unwanted hair, to body treatments or going to the gym!

They’re prostitutes

Those who consider the company ladies as prostitutes do not really know the meaning of this expression. And which is the task of ladies from this category. Being a company lady basically involves only accompanying certain men to social events. Indeed, ladies and brides receive a fee because they offer their presence to the gentlemen, but nothing in this understanding involves intimate contact.

Men who turn to company ladies are not men

What kind of man would not want in his presence beautiful, carefree women with a strong personality? Only people who do not understand the concept itself can look at men who choose to pay for a woman’s company that … they are not real men. Everyone is free to do what he wants, as long as he does not bother others and at the same time everyone is free to do what he wants with his own money.

Escorts would do anything for money

In all newspapers and everywhere in the online environment, there are messages like “Businessmen who have done anything to make profit” or “Doctors who have sold their careers for a sum of money.” In this context, people who hear escorts and who especially do not understand the term choose to blame these women and say that they would do anything to get the money they want, no matter if “any” that is moral or not. But this is not true: it is just an idea sparked by ignorance of the cause and the desire to strengthen the other false myths!

Escorts are drug-dependent or single mothers

Another big mistake! The myth that escorts are drug addicts or single mothers also comes from those who do not know what it means to be an escort and who loves to lighten a lie by adding a lot of false stuff to it!

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