7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Escort

Choosing an escort from a service for the first time is not an easy task. It’s not as simple as doing a quick Google search and finding the best service to call. Really, most people imagine that the situation is kind of like how it happens in the movies – the escort seems to magically appear and everyone ends up happy. Reality is a bit different. Here’s how go about choosing the best escort for your needs.

1) Pick a Reputable Escort Service

There are plenty of escort services out there. Some are much more reputable than others. In order to find a good one, check the back pages of your local weekly entertainment magazine. The one with the biggest ads tend to have the largest budgets – and therefore hire quality escorts. You can also do some searches online, or ask a friend who has experience with this situation. He or she will be able to recommend someone.

2) Know Who You Are Attracted To

The next step requires you to spend some time thinking about what you truly want in an escort. What hair color do you prefer? Do you want someone that you can talk to? Or do you want a person that will behave in a very specific manner? Or are you looking for any erotic massage? What are your kinks? What turns you on? The escort service will ask you these very questions when you call them up, so you need to be prepared with your responses. They want to make you happy, but first they (and also you) need to know what makes you happy.

3) Ask for A Recommendation

If you aren’t sure of which escort to choose, just explain the situation to the service and have them recommend a few people for you. They should include some background information on the escorts, including their experience, schooling, and other pertinent details. This will help you choose the best one for your needs. However, if you still aren’t sure, then just ask the company to pick for you. Once you tell them what you’re looking for (see number two on this list), they’ll be able to determine who will work best. Take their word for it. Those companies are run by very knowledgeable people.

4) Do Some Research On Your Future Escort

Once you the name of your escort, do a bit of research on her. Keep in mind that escorts use false names, so you won’t be able to pinpoint his or her exact address or real information. However, you can still Google the name that you were given, as well as the name of the escort service, in order to find out whether or not the agency was telling you the truth. You might even turn up some reviews of that escort, and maybe even a photo or two. You’d be surprised about what’s on the internet.

5) Be Prepared with All of The Information That You Need

Next, you’ll have to gather some basic information about the meeting between yourself and your escort. Are you taking your escort to a work party to make it look like you aren’t single? Do you plan to have a very good time afterwards? When and where will you meet up with your escort? Are you going to be in a certain part of town at a certain time? All of these things must be determined before you make that phone call to the service to finalize your plans. If you don’t have this information, you cannot set things in motion.

6) Have Some References Available

You not only need to look up references on your chosen escort agency and your escort, but they will need some from you. You’ll be asked to provide some background information, including a security check, as well as bank account information. They need to make sure that you are who you say you are – and that you aren’t a serial killer or rapist. This part of what you see in the movies (horror movies, that is) is very correct, bad people tend to prey on escorts. In this case, the service needs to protect their escorts, as well as ensure that everyone will get paid. They’ll tell you the type of information that they need up front. Just make sure that you have it ready.

7) Call and Set Up the Appointment

Finally, it’s time to call and set up that appointment. You’ll need everything that we discussed in numbers five and six, as well as the name of the escort that you’ve chosen. Once you call the agency, they’ll get everything in motion for you. Your escort will be given your instructions, and everything will work out just fine. At this point, everyone has done background checks on everyone else, so rest assured that the process will go smoothly.

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