A Guide on buying sex toys for the first time

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You don’t have any experience in using toys and therefore as you go shopping, questions are flying your mind; which is the best make for me? Where do I begin? How do I go about it? We bring you some of the factors that will lead you in making the best sex-toy choice.


When buying a sex-toy, your budget is probably one of the paramount things to consider. Start with the less expensive toys first and then after you’re used to the use, you can always come back for the more expensive and detailed ones. Don’t just go for any cheap stuff in a sex toy shop, as they may not meet your expectations and that will only lead to a major disappointment. Also, look for reliable customer reviews for a better understanding of the value of that item.


Again, you need to look for sex toys that are made from quality material; something that will be long-lasting. Be on the watch before you invest on that expensive toy and remember to invest in the long haul. A low pricing item does not always mean that it is value for money.

Check details

You’ve spotted a toy that fits to your budget and the quality is good. However, do look at the benefits that the toy is offering so that you have better understanding of the value that you are paying for. Other details that are worth taking note of includes: Is it firm or even submersible in water? Then, how is it powered? What type of batteries?

How it measures up

Will the length and the insertable length be comfortable to you? Find out the right size to suit your overall needs.

Check the feel

It could be looking so rigid on the picture but in reality, it is a perfect fit with such a friendly flexibility. Material specifications will tell a lot here; find out whether the toy can be used for underwater play – submersible sex-toys are easy to clean.

Power and speed

What types of vibrations are in store? Again, find out the kind of power the toy uses; is it electric powered or battery-powered? You need to get the type of batteries that work for that specific sex-toy, as different toys carry different types of batteries.

Watch videos and read reviews

Watching videos will help you see the best type of sex toys, to begin with, and here you could even get recommendations from experts on what to go for and what to avoid. Customer reviews will tell you what others have tried and has not worked for them. Thus, you’ll be better placed in making your choices.

The wearer of the shoe knows the pinch point; you are the ultimate user and therefore as you go shopping for that sex-toy, your instincts, likes, and dislikes must prevail. Get all the available information, but you and your partner have the final say.