All you want to know about fetish

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How can a fetish be defined or described?

Alfred Binet, One French psychologist, was the one who first talked on the topic of “sexual fetishism.” That psychologist used that term for describing the excitement of people due to inanimate objects. But, nowadays, this term is used to address a different type of sex arousals due to the objects or acts that do not have a direct association with regular sexual behavior. Such fetishes may be simply harmless obsessions linked with certain things like fur or panties, or it can be a malicious fixation, which may harm others or yourself. Example of harmful fetishism can be sadism, masochism, etc. A person or his/her partner can be harmed mentally or physically in this.   

Kinds of fetishes:

Generally, fetishes can be categorized into two types. One is animate, and the other is inanimate. Inanimate fetishes can be associated with things. These may come in various range, sizes, and shapes. It could be anything from stockings, bras, and panties, to fur, latex, and rubber. Animate fetishes are defined as arousing due to particular body parts like breast, neck, feet, leg, pubic hair, nose, buttock, and specific shape of a body. For a various individual, just a picture of these body parts can be turned as a factor of arousal. Fetish may even have described as acting or behaving in a particular manner like masochism, sadism, submission, and domination.

Some unique fetishes

Sexual fetish is majorly unconventional and mostly harmless sexual obsessions and practices. Many fetishes may be considered as so freaky and are proved to be dangerous. Some of the examples of the weirdest and extreme fetishes are having a fetish for excretory and fluid substances. In this people may get aroused due to secretions like urine, semen, breast secretion, vomit, spit, feces, and other bodily fluids. In this fetish people also get aroused if they watch vomit videos, or a breast secretion video. In other fetishes, people get turned on if they see people with disabilities and medical issues. In this fetish, people get fixated on devices such as plaster casts, crutches, and medical procedures. A recurring urge to touch or rub their genital organs against the person who may not have given consent is called Fortuitism. 

What is the reason for fetishes?

Fetishes are the result of some kind of trauma. These are normally established in young age or adolescence. It may occur due to some kind of mental, physical, or sexual abuse. Some people have fetish all their lives long, and others may experience it on some particular events.

Above information summed up quite a lot about fetishism. Hopefully, it helped you to know about it better.