Are Escorts Legal in Sydney?

Escorts, prostitution, and other forms of sex work have been around in Australia for many years. For most of modern history, it has been illegal for any sex work to take place in Australia, whether you were a prostitute or an escort. These laws have changed over the years, especially in New South Wales – the province where Sydney is located.

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Escorts and sex workers

Escorts are hired to provide enjoyment and pleasure to the customer. There is no requirement that the escort has to sleep with the customer, but in terms of customer satisfaction, it is often within their best interest to do so. Escort services usually involve attending a dinner, dance, or another event, followed by a more intimate, private, session. The customer pays for the length of time the escort is used, not for what services they provide.

In terms of legality, escorts have largely fallen under the category of ‘sex work’, largely because of the general involvement of sex in their line of work. Escorts do differ slightly, in terms of the law, from other forms of prostitution because escorts are not considered to be ‘street workers’ or those that are ‘directly exchanging money for sex’. This has allowed for slightly less prosecution by the law, even if escorts had previously been considered ‘illegal’.

Laws surrounding escort services

There have been various legal changes that have taken place. These changes take the form of various legislation and acts that have been passed since as early as the 1900s. For the large part of the 20th century, escort service was deemed illegal, considered another form of sex work. Whether it be on the street, in a brother, or via an escort service. These laws changed as more liberal parties influenced politics. The most notable of these changes is the Summary Offences Act of 1988.

Previously, NSW was the first province of Australia to decriminalize sex work, including escorts and prostitutes. The initial decriminalization, which happened in 1979 with the Prostitution Act, was not far-reaching and the effects of the decriminalization weren’t as they had hoped.

The Summary Offences Act was passed and this act provided clarity on the topic and ensured that ladies, or men, working as escorts, or prostitutes, were safe to work as they pleased. All forms of female escort Sydney are, therefore, legal in Sydney and carry no consequences for the customer or the escort.