Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are officially single. Is it possible to promise eternal love?

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Eternal love. It is a powerful idea that has inspired the imagination and inflamed the passions of people throughout the ages. The notion that everyone has a soul mate, that there is some one person for everyone, is a myth that has caused more harm than good. It leads people to believe that once they have found the other half of themselves they will be happy; they will feel the same sexual passion for them for as long as they live. This is simply not true. Even the most beautiful couples in the world have affairs with people who are not their partners. What compelled Hugh Grant to go with a prostitute when he had the lovely Elizabeth Hurley at home? What brought about the decline of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as a couple? The answers to these questions are complex, but in both instances the idea of true love was put to the test and failed. 

You may have been truly in love with your current spouse when you married them. The feeling and passion you had for one another was genuine and real, and you want to build a life with them. The latter part of this reality has not changed. You want to maintain your home. You want to keep your family together. However, you want to experience the mystery and adventure of dating, courtship, and flirting. You desire to have sex with someone new. You want all these things without the danger of breaking up your home. 

You can get these things by using a married dating service. This web-based service is for people who are married or in committed relationships but want to see other people. It is a way to meet like-minded persons—people who do not want to break up their relationships but want to have a fling on the side. This sort of thing used to be discouraged by society at large. However, the mores and conventions are slowly changing. People are slowly beginning to realize that it is extremely difficult to stay sexually attracted to the same person indefinitely. The fact that men and women come into contact with one another so frequently and in so many varied settings makes it almost certain they will meet someone they are attracted to. It has been the custom of people to say that such feelings must be resisted. But those same people are slowly starting to realize that this cannot be done forever. 

There is a better way to direct such sexual feelings and passions. If you are satisfied with everything about your partner except the sex, you can now get what you need in a controlled and discrete manner. Rather than having a random fling with someone you do not know, and who may later expose you to your loved one, you should take a more methodical approach to having an affair. It will keep you in control of the situation. It will allow you to fulfill your sexual desire without upsetting your home life.

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