Could Your Marriage Be on the Rocks?

Are you having concerns that your marriage could be on the rocks? If so, do you plan to try and fix things?

For many in this predicament, it can be hard to grasp the idea that their marriage could in fact be in trouble.

With that in mind, what can you do to right the ship?

Know the Signs of Trouble

Although it is not always easy to recognize a marriage is in trouble, some tend to have noticeable signs.

If you are a woman asking yourself is my husband cheating, here are a few signs the answer may be yes:

  1. Communication – Has the degree of communication between you two changed as of late? If it has, can you pinpoint why this is? Some people under a lot of stress can change how they act towards those closest to them. That said you should still be able to have a conversation with them whenever needed. If such conversations are shorter and not as meaningful, it can be a sign your partner is withdrawing.
  2. Schedule – Has your husband’s schedule changed to where you are noticing it a lot more? If he appears to be spending a lot more time at work or other places and not at home, do you know why this is the case? Yes, he may have a legitimate reason or two for being out more. That said when your suspicions get the better of you, there’s a good chance you are right.
  3. Socializing – Does your husband have one or more social media accounts? If the answer is yes, have things changed with them? For instance, has he stopped using them? While there may be a natural reason or reasons for this, it might also be he doesn’t want to slip up and post a comment or image. If he added a female friend on his Facebook or Instagram, do you know her by chance? While it could be an innocent friendship, it may also be one he recently met up with for more than only a friendship.
  4. Finances – Last, has your husband done anything of concern with the joint finances you two have? As an example, you two were planning some upcoming vacations. That said he now claims to not have the money to contribute to such adventures. You might also notice that a big amount of money went missing from a joint checking or savings account. If so, can he explain why this is the case? Although some things can have an explanation with relative ease, others aren’t. When you are wondering what is up with the money trail, question him on it.

Is it Worth Saving?

When you feel your marriage is in trouble, you then need to determine if it is worth saving.

This of course can depend on some different factors.

Among them:

  • How long married
  • If you have children together
  • What your current financial status is
  • How much the marriage means to you

If you feel in fact you want to save it, suggest the idea of counseling. In the event he is not interested, it may well be time you come to the reality that things are not going to work out.

If your marriage may be on the rocks, what will be your next move?