Dating can be easy

       I grew up trying on my own to figure out what love and all that comes with it means. I never had that mother-son or father-son talk about what love should be like or how it should evolve in time. I’ve always heard my friends telling me that everyone explained what they should or they shouldn’t regarding the people that will ask them out, but all I heard from my parents was to be o good child and to be very careful on everything that I do. I don’t know why they didn’t stay and explained to me all sort of thing that could happen or how should I behave or what issues I would may find among the way of finding loge. Maybe because they didn’t have the time to invest in sort of thing, maybe because they didn’t have the talk with their parents or maybe because they are older parents and the times changed so much so that they don’t know how to approach this sort of issues.

            Of course that I was curious like many other when they are teenagers and very afraid that I won’t make things like I should. I had never dated anyone and I wouldn’t even know from where to start., how to approach someone and more important what should I say so that I don’t seem scared or worse, too desperate. So, after many talks with my friends I decided to try to get used to things step by step and with the help of a gay dating site.

            If that time I was really insecure about submitting my info there, these days I could say that at that moment it was the perfect thing for me to do. A site like this can really come in handy. The first time when I tried of course that I was scared that I may be rejected from the person I would try to get in touch with or maybe I will say something wrong and I will ruin the talk. Looking back there I realize how childish I was.  Was really lucky that I didn’t even have to try to talk to someone because a boy called Josh entered to talk to me. I realized that people don’t try so hard as I did or maybe they passed a long time ago from this situations. There were normal talks like any other talks that you have with a friend over a drink. I realized that is an entire community of friends. And this is the perfect descriptions for this kind of site. Yu don’t even need to try to get yourself a date because things just happen naturally from simple talks. In short while I managed to have my first date and more than that I managed to create an entire network of online friends.

            Looking back I see that sometimes you don’t need to be learned about some things that will happen to you. It would be better, but I think that in some cases could be awkward, too. For me it was better to discover how things will be this way. My parents are much older people that maybe wouldn’t see dating or love like it is today. And in a certain point I am grateful that they let me discover it by mu own. Dating can be simple. You just have o be chill, because things will happen exactly at the right moment.