Dating sites as a main way of finding love

Dating sites have been on the rise for a while now. You know how before, in the old ages, our parents used to meet in like karaoke bars? Fathers used to buy drinks to our mothers, and our mothers were just standing there being pretty next to the jukebox? Well, that has slowly been dying, and the main way of finding love today has been the internet. 

Tinder, Badoo, and many other sites today have been the reason why so many couples meet and even find each other, but can that really work? Can you form a firm, solid, and an honest relationship when your first impression of someone is on the internet? Well, if you try to think about this hard enough, then you will definitely come to find that it’s a tricky subject and we could talk about it for hours and hours, and pages and pages.

First of all, let us get something out of the way – dating sites are okay. It’s okay to meet a friend or a lover online first, but there needs to be a balance. You start to make online dating profiles when you want to meet someone but you have a hard time finding new people, we get it. 

But if all you do is sit and play with yourself while watching awesome porn sites, you can’t expect to find a girl that easily. You have to put in work to listen to her, to form a certain connection, and to become compatible to her in general. 

And that’s exactly what people have a problem with these days, and that’s where you lose all the balance. That’s exactly the moment where you catch yourself staring at this girl and thinking about why you’re unable to enjoy this. 

So be careful. Use dating sites, meet new people, have some fun, but just remember to have that balance between porn, dating online, and dating in real life. This advice is for sure going to help, but only if you stick to it and work to be a better you.

Hannah Fletcher is a 25-year-old Content Writer who currently resides in West England. She has been writing for over three years now, and her writing interests are widely diverse. Currently, her in-house writing position entails her focusing on sex & relationships, as well as topics that are concentrated around the Adult Community. Her Educational Background has always been centered around writing and constructing powerful articles. Hannah holds a BA and MA in English Literature and always enjoys improving on all of her written work. She can be contacted about her writing through her Twitter