Do I choose an in-call or out-call for myfirst escort appointment?

Ask a dozen men whether they prefer dates with escorts in London to be an in-call or out-call and you will likely get a 50/50 split. ‘Your place or mine’ is quite a dilemma for several different reasons, but the decision is easier once you are aware of the pros versus the cons.

To start with, what are in-calls and out-calls exactly? When you visit an escort at a location of their choice, usually it is their home or a rented apartment, this is an in-call. So on the flipside, an out-call is when you invite an escort to spend time with you on your turf. Everybody has their own preference but it really is just that. There is no right or wrong answer.

The positives and negatives of in-calls

  • Being somewhere new might be arousing

You have thrown yourself into the unknown by meeting an escort in the first place which no doubt is a huge turn on, and this could be one also. Typically the location of choice is an escort’s home, which is usually clean, well decorated with picturesque cityscapes in the background, or a sky high hotel room with a killer view. Mystery gets the blood pumping, possibly to your advantage.

  • Less chance of being seen

By no means should you be embarrassed about seeing an escort but discretion is important to us all. If you live in a street where you are pals with your neighbours, the post man, and just about everyone knows you, it is understandable you would rather nobody saw an unfamiliar face at the door. There might also be children or relatives to bear in mind so depending on your situation, being away from home couldbe the ideal.

  • You may not like her place

This is a first time encounter – you have no idea where you are going (always Google Map it) or how it will look. That in itself is unnerving and if you are an anxious person anyway, it might completely kill your libido being on unfamiliar ground. Then when you add the possibility that once you get there, you hate it, you cannot exactly demand a refund halfway through.

  • The experience could be better

Wherever an escort works from is her boudoir. The space has been optimised for her to be comfortable and therefore, do her job more efficiently. With that in mind there will be no fumbling around in large bags to find the sex toy she threw in before rushing out the door, or spending time getting herself acquainted with where she is. Less time wasted with other stuff means more time spent on you.

The positives and negatives of out-calls

  • Greater control

Human beings prefer stability so you may find entertaining an escort at home puts you at ease instantly. The most important thing for you, especially if this is your first time with an escort, is to be stress-free. It is not uncommon for men to have rituals to get them into the mood like press-ups in the bedroom or a prep talk in the mirror (no judgement). However, do you really want to do this stuff at her place?

  • You lose some anonymity

Like some escorts do, you can opt for a hotel, apartmentor Air BnB instead of your house, but the paperwork and credit card bill will be in your name. Some people might think this is a consideration too far and others who have a bit more to lose should this encounter become public knowledge take it really seriously. Escorts are extremely discreet, they are professional after all, just know if you bring the rendezvous to you, there is risk of someone seeing or hearing through the walls.

  • It could be very fun

Potentially your date might love the idea of choosing somewhere completely new to both of you as it is a break away from the norm for her as well. London escorts also know their city very well. If they live here, they know it like the back of their hand so if you are from outside the capital or want to explore it better, take advantage and use some of the date for a sexy guided tour. Who knows, there might be a quiet spot where the two of you get carried away.

  • Added cost

Travel expenses to see a client are added into an escort’s rate. The further the distance is the bigger the cost so while a taxi journey won’t be extortionate, you must bear your budget in mind when you are making an appointment.