Ensuring the Quality of the Pleasure with the Geisha Balls

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Sexual gadgets are used to improve and diversify the quality of sexual life and to intensify bodily sensations. One of them, designed for both self-masturbation and caresses for two, is the geisha ball. Originally they were used by young Japanese girls, preparing to be geisha, to strengthen the vaginal muscles. As a result, they were able to lead a man to ejaculate only by contraction and relaxation of the vaginal muscles.

Perfection of Pleasure:

Kulki gejszy are two vaginal balls connected with each other by a string. These are erotic gadgets that under the influence of movement, e.g. walking, evoke the effect of vibrating and thus become a source of bodily pleasure.The use of geisha balls is very easy and should not because anyone’s trouble. Just insert them into the vagina and shrink the muscles so that the balls do not fall out. The best arrangement is one in which one of the balls adheres to the cervix and the other is held by the vaginal muscles.

How to Use:

Vaginal balls can be used not only during erotic games, but also by performing vaginal muscle training during everyday activities. Remember to wash the erotic gadget thoroughly before and after each use with warm soapy water or use a special disinfectant. It is enough to put geisha balls into the center of the vagina, and they will intensify the sensations of both partners. There is no fear that the geisha balls put deeper will not want to get out of it. It is enough to pull the string, which connects the two balls, or alternatively use the moisturizing gel before applying, to prevent any blistering and irritation.

The Usage Steps:

Already in antiquity, geisha balls were used. Later hearing about them somehow went missing. However, now the balls of the geisha have returned to favor. Many women, however, do not know about their existence, and as they already know, they cannot use them as intended or achieve the desired results. Below you will find some tips on how to properly use geisha balls and make yourself delight.Before you put the balls into the vagina, use the bathroom and wash the balls thoroughly in warm soapy water.

Last Task:

Insert each ball separately. You can moisten the balls with a lubricant to make it easier for you. Women who use geisha balls regularly say that their placement in the vagina is very similar to inserting a tampon. However, if you do not use tampons or have problems inserting them, remember to raise one leg up. If that does not help, try lying down.Tighten your leg muscles, then tense Kegel’s muscles to hold the balls in the sheath. The balls should lightly press on the entrance of the vagina and give the impression of filling the vagina. Like with tampons. Keep the kulki gejszy in the vagina for about 15 minutes a day to train and strengthen Kegel muscles. But if you want, you can keep them for an hour or more to get better results. If any of the balls slip, wash it thoroughly with warm soapy water and put it back.