Facts to Know About Escorts

The escorts business is a lot trending right now. Various wealthy businessmen and people looking for companionship hire escorts, especially the Barcelona escorts, are in demand. Barcelona strip clubs are very popular for the intimate escort services. At least 20% of the men in the globe have tried the escort service or paid for intimate physical moments in their lifetime.

However, there is a lot to know about escorts, and one should know the following points before hiring, especially the escorts Barcelona:

Escorts have their Own Secret Lingo:

Escort business is not as fancy as it seems. There are a huge number of rules and regulations involved in this business. The Barcelona strip club is a known place where escorts have their language to communicate amongst each other as well as the clients.

A few examples of code language are BBBJ (This code means, the client will be receiving oral physical activity without the condom), CBJ (This code means, the client will be receiving oral physical activity with the condom). Also, instead of asking their client’s fees/charges, they frequently use the word donation.

Escorts Are Known To Be Very Rich:

Though this is not a hidden fact, escorts do make a lot of money. The sole reason for this is because of its clients. Escorts deal with very high-end clients, which include wealthy businessmen, kings, stakeholders, etc. Men tend to pay a huge sum to a well-regarded escort. The average fees of a professional and famous escort are up to $400 per hour. Also, there are a few high-class escorts that have very exclusive clientele and charge more than $1000 per hour.

Escorts Are Very Glamorous:

People tend to get confused between escorts and prostitutes. Though the end motive of both of them might be the same, yet they have a lot of difference. Compared to prostitutes, escorts are very glamorous.

Unlike prostitutes, who generally deal in straight forward service of physical activity, escorts invest a considerable sum of money on their hair, makeup, lingerie and all the other things which can add up to their glamour quotient. Escorts don’t jump to physical intimacy, rather they role play or build a theme and take things gradually.

Since now, you know quite a few facts about escorts, you are all set to experience something fascinating and alluring. You can now, without hesitation, hire an escort for a heated night, which will give you memories for a lifetime.