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When you decide on the site, rises, alas! There is still only a question, go to her or invite to her. Typically, the vast majority of girls in our time are working in the apartment (read, takes at home). At the exit the oldest profession is going with quite understandable reluctance: no one smiles to cross to the other end of the city in an unfamiliar apartment where a girl can wait for anything. They leave somewhere or desperate rather shabby kind (which you are unlikely to excite wildly), or guttural Negresses (with whom it is better not to communicate, why – I will describe below), or very recyclable.

The Other Option Now:

However, if you live inside at least a metro ring, not to mention the Garden, and the girl’s price tag starts from 5000 dollars per hour, then most likely, the one who is pictured in the photo will come to you.

Let’s say it’s decided to go to the apartment. To understand the fake photo or not, it is enough, as mentioned above, to read the ratings under the questionnaire. If there are at least three of them, and all of them are signed by clients with a fair amount of “walkers” – look at the price list.

  • The minimum adequate price for April 2018 is 2000 dollars per hour. Anything below is an alarm signal. In our time, when, say, a bottle of wine costs an average of 300-400 dollars, it’s hard to imagine a charming nymph who is ready to give herself to you completely for an hour for fifteen hundred dollars. You see this price – be ready to come to the place or just get on the character, which will be similar to the photo, like Nokia’s 3310 – on the fifth iPhone.
  • The normal price is 2500-3000 dollars. 3500 and above – category “A”: apartments in the center, well-groomed body, freshness and elasticity. For 5000 and above, if finances permit, you can remove a girl who is no different from a porn star. This is not pathos and not loud words. There are still women in the villages. Trust me.

The finance Options:

If you go somewhere very much breaks, well, or you are a shy person, and finances allow you to invite a night butterfly to yourself, remember that girls usually leave for 2 hours. It is worth a minimum of 7000 (usually 8000) dollars, plus money for a taxi. Fairies are very fond of playing the folk fun “milk the client”, so you decide whether to give money or not to give. Depending on the mood or the degree of culture, the escort standing before you can send it, or you can play a good uncle. Just remember that the geisha in the cost of departure, the cost of a taxi is pawned so and so. And they go by metro. So if yang is already smoking, and the girl coo and says that she will be in about five minutes – do not believe it. You can still watch porn, take a sip of alcohol, throw trash, take a walk with a dog, vacuum it, take another swallow of alcohol, eat,

Never take off Negroes if, of course, you are not an ardent fetishist or a player. There are several reasons. First – Negro did not speak in, or speak very poorly. If you have difficulties with owning foreign languages ​​- there can be problems. Secondly, it’s easier to explain ourselves to our people, to agree, to laugh and bluffs and holes. Negrosare foreigners with all the consequences. Consider that you brought a living doll, which you still need to pack. But unlike obedient dolls, taek, nigra – the third! – very bazaar and always unhappy with everything. They start to include the little fool, allegedly not understanding what they want from them, refuse to do what they want, they begin to smear tears on their m cheeks, in general, if you want to get a spoiled evening and un-thanked bottles – order black ones.  

The Questionnaire

Study the questionnaire carefully. Very often the price means only classic sex without quirks. For “dopa” (additional services) you need to pay. Anal sex, blowjob without a condom and suchlike whims will cost from 500 to 1000 dollars for each (depending on the greed of the fairy). Look again at the reviews – they can be written in 2011-2014, and during the journey “the dog could grow.” this business is not an easy matter, especially for the body of a girl and the face of her face. I had a couple of times when, tempted by the photo, I went to succulent MILFs, and the woman met me more likely from the category of “granny”. However, no one is immune from mistakes, for the path of the Don reminds the movement of a sapper in the minefield: lucky – no luck.

The last stage is the call. Here you will understand everything yourself. Hear a boorish attitude – hang up. Listen to cooing in the spirit of “hare, you drive up, here next” – hang up, most likely, it is the dispatcher who will lead you to the salon. Individuals talk calmly and clearly: they do not have any sense to berate them – the client will lose, the options too – time is expensive. You, too, should not be rude to them. Do not poke them. In general, forget about many stereotypes: as written above, escorts are often normal women. And the more respectfully you treat her, the more bonuses you will receive in return. This does not mean that the girl should appear with flowers – enough of a good conversation on the phone and the maximum of the human relationship in bed.

The options for the proper and essential options are there now. Surely the results are perfect and that is the reason that the escorts are perfect. Surely this is important now and that is why while choosing the escort you need to be specific.