Fine Sensation and Ecstasy, the Gifts of Silicone Vibrators

With a vibrator, every woman can bring wonderful, tingling or relaxing minutes to hours. However, out of ignorance of the right application, some women do not dare to trust their little friends. Therefore, here is the ultimate guide for the enjoyable use of vibrators.

Which model is the right one to start with?

The selection of vibrators on the market is almost unmanageable. They are available in all shapes, colors, sizes and materials. You can invest as much money as you like and conveniently order the good pieces anonymously on the Internet. Choosing the right one is not that easy for newcomers. But there are a few things to stick to. To reach the Climax Silicone Vibrating Bullet is the perfect option also.

Beginners should not overdo it with size

It depends more on skilfully used vibrations than on pure length or the diameter. Nubs and grooves in turn can set quite electrifying accents. Also helpful are extensions that massage, for example, the G-spot or the clitoris. Another decision you face is usability. The more switches or buttons the device has, the harder it is to catch the right button just before the climax. It does not stimulate much, if you then turn off the vibrator by mistake.


Meanwhile, you have the choice between battery-powered vibrators and those that have rechargeable batteries. The latter are of course beneficial if used frequently. You should then think only with enough lead to remember to charge the good piece before you want to have fun. After all, the load times are up to six hours.

Vibrators are made of various materials, from silicone to glass and metal to plastic. The choice of a particular material depends entirely on one’s own preferences – some prefer soft-soft silicone, others find cold, hard metal really exciting.

Your Choice Now

Medical silicone has an advantage in any case: it is the one that can trigger the fewest allergies of all available materials. If you are sensitive in this area, you should rather resort to medical silicone. The shape is completely different models. Recommended, and since their appearance in Sex and the City also in women around the world extremely popular, so-called Rabbit vibrators, with a large, ergonomically shaped shaft to stimulate the G-spot and a shorter, second massage head, the optional Clitoris or the anus spoiled.

How it Works

It impresses with its easy operation with an illuminated control panel, so that you always get the right program even in the darkened bedroom. The shape with the two massage heads is ergonomically designed so that at the same time the G-Punk and either clitoris or anus, according to personal preference, can be heated. There are several vibration programs from slow and gentle to the explosive booster, which gives every climax extra kick. In addition, this Climax Silicone Vibrating Bullet is waterproof, so you can easily wash it off or make a bubble bath to an erotic experience. The Palm can practically be charged via USB and impresses with its long battery life. The aesthetically appealing design reduces, especially with beginners, any contact fears.