Hiding Your Webcam Habits From Your Girlfriend

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Across the world, many men spend their hard-earned cash on pornography. Women don’t always like this. Most women feel especially threatened, when their men are paying for live sex cams. They worry that you will form an emotional attachment, and that you are thereby cheating on them.

They don’t realize,

That you just want to jack off, with the ability to direct the show.

Watching traditional pornography where you have to keep skipping to the best bits is super annoying. It’s much better to be able to just tell a girl what position to assume and what to do.

What your woman doesn’t know, won’t hurt her.

These are some useful tips, to keep your webcam spending habits away from your significant other.

  1. Don’t watch sex cam when she is over – This might sound super obvious, but a lot of people are as dumb as a brick. If your girlfriend is in the next room, don’t take it as the ideal time to sit down and turn on a cam2cam session. If your woman is over, have sex with her. Keep your online sessions for when your girl is not around.
  2. Register your sex cam account to a separate email address – Some sex cam sites blast you with a ton of emails, updating you every time a model comes online, every time there’s a new sale, and any other time they feel like it. You can disable most of the emails you get, but you will still want to get the confirmation emails for everything you’ve spent. It is highly recommended that you use a separate email address just for porn.
  3. Lock your computer when not in use – You can avoid your spouse being able to see all the sites you looked at by locking your computer when not in use. It’s even better if you can avoid giving her the password.
  4. Use incognito mode – If you keep your computer locked, use incognito mode, so your sites aren’t saved. It will help hide the porn trail.
  5. Use Bitcoin – Bitcoin are an anonymous currency that is very hard to track. When you pay for sex cams with Bitcoin, it makes it virtually impossible for your girlfriend to ever find out.