How I successfully organized my very own date

What comes to your mind when you hear ‘first impression?’ And how important is it during a date? Do you think you need to be at your best? And what is a perfect date? How does it feel to organize your own date? Well, it is only good to pay detailed attention to your date; perhaps by doing something exciting. A first date is the stepping stone to have things fall in place. Right! But what matters most if you have to plan your own date?

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  • Manners

You are perhaps planning to go out for dinner. But do you have the rules to fine dining? Well, you may not remember all but I would suggest that you have at least one in mind. And remember dates are delicate too. So ensure you have your manners at your best.

  • Confidence and respect

How does it feel to be going on a first date? Of course there is the tension of the unknown. You must learn to move from being shy to being social. We are talking about taking charge of the environment. And there is a secret you can adopt, that of asking Good Dares questions for example; what is one thing that makes you relax? Where is your favorite vacation spot?

  • How about grooming?

The success of a date has a lot to do with your grooming. Be sure to compliment your date. Dress appropriately as per the location. But again don’t go overboard.

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  • Location

What do you think is the best thing to do on your first date? Movies, parks or a road trip? Well, silence is the not the best so going on a movie is a no go zone. Try parks where you can keep talking. Why? Because you a wider opportunity to know each other if you spend the majority of the time talking. Mmhh. And on the subsequent dates you can choose to ask Youtube Tag questions; for example, First thing you noticed about me? Who said “I love you” first?

  • Conversation

What kind of conversations will you hold on your date? What will you be talking about? Listen there is usually a catch; the worst mistake you can do is to talk about dates you have had either with your Ex or with other people. Why? The conversation tend to be a throwback to a potential date.

  • Timing

How much time should you take to get to the location of the date? Being on time creates confidence with the other person.

All said and done, there is also the secret of working with Would you rather questions like Would you rather stay in or go out for a date?