How popular cougar dating is in UK?

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Cougar dating is the art of dating an older woman, usually past her 40’s, who finds younger men attractive and dates them. Cougar dating in UK has picked up steam over the last decade, thanks to boundaries opening up, and people not being as straitlaced as before. There are many reasons why younger men go for cougar dating and one of the prime reasons is that the men, usually in their twenties, find the cougars much less inhibited than their younger counterparts.

UK cougars never had it this good before. Thanks to the slew of cougar dating websites and mobile apps, they can connect seamlessly with men young enough to be their sons. On their part, younger men find cougars to be upfront, honest about their demands and agreements, and great in bed. In fact, it’s hard to tell who has the better time in bed, the cougars or the men. I guess the feeling is mutual.

If you open up a UK cougar dating site, you’ll feel overwhelmed by the hundreds of cougars online, who want their piece of action, now. They’re losing the battle with age, it’s harsher on the women as we all know, and want to make the best of what they have. They do date people younger to them by 4 or 5 years, but dating a person 20 years younger is an absolutely novel experience for them. Cougars can go to any length to secure their prize catch as well as bragging rights. Yes, you guessed it correct; nothing’s under wraps anymore in this day and age.

There was a certain time, when if a younger man approached an older woman, she would retort with ‘looking for a mom?’ kind of answer. Not anymore. The dynamics of cougar dating in UK have changed, and it’s no big deal if an older woman waltzes into a gathering with her cub in tow. Younger men also find their cougars to be confident and self assured, and there are definitely a lot of things that a cougar can teach her cub if he’s willing to learn and not make a fool of himself in front of other people. This is something that cougars will not stand for.

For the men dating UK cougars, it’s imperative that he has correct manners, poise and etiquette. A cougar might select a cub for his boyish charms, that’s what most cougars do, but boyish behaviour? It’s out of the question. Cougar dating is not for everybody. Only if you feel that you’re ‘up’ to the task, step forward please. Otherwise your high school cheerleader is there for you, if you can put up with her girlishness.

Often, the cubs shy away because they feel that older women will mean high maintenance. This is NOT the case. Have you ever thought of how much it costs a woman to look the attractive best? Hundreds of dollars go into making them look and feel attractive, and it comes out of their own pockets. The typical scene for cougar dating in UK is that the cougar is a high earner; she has to be, because she maintains herself without relying on anybody. On the other part, they also have to pamper their cubs and some if not most keep them on an allowance. The tables have turned, and how.

Coming to the interesting part; an UK cougar dating site will reveal the cougars’ display picture and stock photos to be um, pretty revealing. Clearly, a message is being conveyed. The most important reason for dating a cub is to satisfy their hunger for sex. SO live it up with them in bed. It’s the least you can do, and both parties wake up the next day feeling better about them, as is natural after a hormone collision.