Interpersonal Communication Secrets

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Having good communication skills is an added advantage that helps in paving the way to success. If you are able to say what you have been thinking clearly and concisely and are able to word your opinion to others as well as making them speak freely then you are a good speaker.

To do this you this you need to know about your role in conversation and about the ability to manage your emotions and attitudes according to situations. You must understand the agenda and try to get everyone involved in the conversation. Try not to get too much involved or get overheated and emotional during the conversation. Also to develop good communication skills you must understand the difference between Interpersonal vs Intrapersonal communication. They both are different with little similarities.

However, there are some points that must be remembered by a person for developing interpersonal skills and try to become a better communicator-

Body language

In order to improve your communication skills, you need to learn how to read body language and understand signal you are giving or receiving during the conversation. Often these signals are overlooked and thus results in poor interpersonal skills.

It is evident that half of your message is received by the other person before you open your mouth. Body language plays an important role in the instinctively important process in nonverbal communications.

You don’t need to be possessive about body language. Some signs of body language are common and show your confidence, like holding eye contact for a long time while speaking, nodding, leaning forward to show attention. They are a sign that you are paying an active role in communication.

Listen carefully

When our mothers ask us to listen carefully they are actually improving our communication skills. Listening carefully is an important part of communication and this also shows our respect and care for the speaker. While in conversation take your time and listen to what others are saying, afterward put your opinion. Don’t laugh or show your irritation in front of the speaker, not everyone is smart enough like you.

Be aware of person and place

Every person and place is different and you need to tailor your communication and adopt different strategy while communicating with different people at different places. Make sure what you speak is rightfully heard by other.

While communicating always try to relieve tension and make another person at ease while communicating.

Never try to backbite and use negative words for insulting anyone as what you will say will definitely come back to you.

Help people

You might found it awkward but sometimes you need to provide helping hand in communication as well. There might be a situation when other person is hesitant and is not able to converse and put his thoughts properly during the discussion. To make things better for him you can ask him direct questions or can pass some suggestion to make his part of thoughts easily understood by others.

To conclude I must say that you need not become ‘Shashi Tharoor’ for improving your communication skills. There is no need for fancy words that are hard to understand for others.

Try to convey your thoughts in a simple, precise manner and you will be able to make your point of view understood by others. Hope these suggestions for improving communication skills will be helpful for you.