Is it hard be become a better Girlfriend?

This question is more common than you’d think. The good news is that if you’re starting to ask yourselves these kind of questions then it means that you’re already on a path to self-realization.

The short answer? It’s really not that difficult to learn how to be the perfect girlfriend ever! Here are some ways how you can become the better half of the relationship.

  • Don’t cause a Scene

Guys steer clear of unnecessary drama for good reason – it’s pointless and there’s a better way to solve the problem on hand.

A good girlfriend should not argue too much or cause conflict where there wasn’t any before. You’ll risk to not only seriously annoy him but also to waste both your time.

While girls should be honest and straightforward if their guy does something to upset them, instead of shutting him out, you should try and have a “normal” conversation as to why you’re mad or upset. Listen to what he has to say and take turns to straighten out the issue.

Always remember that guys can’t read minds, and sometimes it’s best to clearly spell it out for them to bring the issue quickly to a close.

  • Give Him Your full Attention

It’s quite hard to pay attention to someone in the midst of all these newfangled distractions, but it does pay dividends when it comes to growing your boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.

Put your phone to silent mode and place it inside your bag. Don’t think about doing anything else but focus on what your boyfriend is saying, instead. That way, you in turn will also always get his attention.

Respond to him in a timely manner and have a meaningful conversation. You’ll form a deeper connection and will learn and see things about him that you may have missed before.

  • Respect His Space

While it’s tempting to spend every minute of your time with your boyfriend, refrain from doing so. It’s not healthy, as every individual needs space to grow individually and in order to have a degree of personal space.

Besides, being apart from time to time will strengthen the relationship and make you miss each other more, which in turn makes the time you then spend with each other all the more sweeter.

Ease off and allow your boyfriend to initiate the contact or set a date. He will come when he wants to spend some exclusive time with you. Just be patient and remember you have a life of your own as well.

  • Let Your Boyfriend hang out with His Friends

A clingy girlfriend isn’t cool. On top of that, it’s simply human nature for people to socialize with their friends. Hence, allow your boyfriend to go on that bros night once in a while and refrain from texting, chatting or calling him every 15 minutes.

  • Don’t cause unnecessary Jealousy

Now that you belong to someone, it’s best to be 100% loyal to your boyfriend and not cause anything that could bring out the green monster called jealousy.

This means you should limit the time spent with the opposite sex and think twice about meeting up with guy strangers or eyeing males at the cafe or club.

  • Become a better Version of Yourself

In your boyfriend’s eyes you’re the most beautiful girl in the world, but that doesn’t mean you should let go of yourself.

Keep up an effort to always look nice, clean and neat so your guy appreciates you more. Don’t forget to practice basic hygiene and wear clothes that he approves of.

  • Make Your Boyfriend feel Special

You can become the best girlfriend in the whole world if you treat your boyfriend as your most special person, your “MVP”. Remember though, that being better than the rest means giving special treatment without waiting for your guy to do the same.

If you truly love your BF you’ll know how to make him feel special. Be thoughtful and sensitive to both his spoken and unspoken thoughts, feelings and desires. The time you already spent together should give you a good idea of what you should do and how you should go about it.

  • Don’t take Him for Granted

You think he’s a true keeper? Then make sure to go out of your way each day to show him how much you truly appreciate your guy and the special relationship you have with him.

Acts of love and verbal confirmations can go a long way in showing how much you value your relationship. A happy relationship means both parties have trust and know that each one cares for the other.