Think about it for a second – what would you say to a job where you are completely your own boss, work whatever hours you choose, as many or as few hours as you choose, in whatever location you choose? And what if that job also gave you the chance to travel to as many places as you chose, often with someone else picking up the bill? A job where you get gifts from your clients are almost every days occurrences? A job where you are paid to stay physically fit and pamper yourself to look as good as possible? Oh, and in this same job you can also easily make six figures of income? Why would you say no? Well, that is the life of a high class escort based in Malaga.

Yes, you get to have a lot of sex. Some of it good, some of it bad, but the vast majority of it very vanilla and no worse than on the average one night stand. A high class escort in Malaga has the opportunity to meet an enormous variety of people . Men, women, couple. And pretty much every combination of those that you can imagine, if you want to. Or you can limit yourself to only seeing men. You can even decide that you will only meet with clients of a certain age range, nationality, or those staying in certain hotels. It is up to you, you are your own boss and you make all the decisions about your life and your business. But you have to be aware that every decision you make will have an impact (good or bad) on your income and earning potential. The fewer clients you make yourself available for, the less you make, or the more you have to charge.

And since you are the product, how well you maintain that product has a clear impact on what you charge for the product. And I do not just mean keeping yourself fit and keeping the weight down. Or even maintaining your personal grooming – haircuts and styling, make up and manicures. Not even just your clothes and shoes. If you want to make your money by having a lot of one hour bookings which consist of sex and a little cuddling, that is relatively easy route as long as you can handle the impersonal nature of it, and the amount of sex, of course.

But if you want to be a high class escort who sees the high roller clients, and supplies a girlfriend experience on long dates, you need to be able to talk about things other than shoes, clothes and celebrity gossip. You need to be able talk about sports, business, current affairs – whatever the client is interested in.