Looking For a Hot Night Out With The Lads in Wellington?

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Recently I visited Wellington, which is one of the nicest cities I have been to in the world. The weather wasn’t great, to be honest as I was there during the wrong time of the year, but honestly, that did not matter. As a single, divorced and aging man, and alone might I add, I needed to blow off some steam in the city after all my site seeing tours with the hotel were over.

What I found is the nightlife in Wellington has quite a young scene even in the some of the older more English looking bars. However, luckily for me, I am little internet savvy and decided that I was going to look for strip clubs in Wellington. Why not? I was lonely and needed something to do. It is not like I can rock up to a bar or a party with the young hipsters anymore.

I found an absolutely brilliant establishment called Dreamgirls Wellington Strip Club. I have left a way for you to click through so you can take a look at their website.

What Did I Like About Dreamgirls?

As soon as I got to the door I was met with smiles from the doormen. They were so welcoming and even thanked me for coming along. Noticing that I was Engish with my strong East London accent we had a little chat before I went inside.

As soon as I entered the doorman had someone take me to a comfortable seat. There were already some young ladies performing on the stage as I walked in which was great. The bar staff were smiling all the time and were always attentive. Some of the girls would come over and speak to me, and I was always chatting with locals and regulars in the club.

For someone that is older, does not mind the strip club bar scene, and you are looking for somewhere that is safe in New Zealand’s Wellington City, then Dreamgirls is most definitely a place I would recommend.

Straight from the word go when I met the guys at the door, to being taken to my seat and served my drinks I felt so comfortable ar Dreamgirls. My great experience continued way into the night and during my repeat visits when I was on a first name basis with almost everyone in the club. I wouldn’t say I felt like a celebrity exactly because everyone in the club is so lively and friendly. I would say I felt more like I was part of the family.

Yes, being an outsider with strange accent helps, but it was clear everyone in the club spoke to each other. Even newcomers that had never been to the club that were either local Wellington lads or from other parts of the country were welcomed with the same smiles and excellent service. Then of course, once again I have to mention the girls. They were absolutely delightful and put a big grin back on an old man’s face.

A big thank you to Dreamgirls bar and strip club! Here is the Facebook page too if you are interested: Dreamgirls Facebook.