Mistakes that Guys do at the Strip Club

A frequent visitor of strip clubs knows the rules and etiquette of the club, but if you are a casual visitor, you should first know the unspoken rules of the strip clubs. Your experience on a Houston strip club only can improve if you can avoid the common mistakes, you can save yourself from stupid mistakes and be a gainer by getting service and saving your money.

  • Don’t bring the girlfriend who doesn’t want to be in a strip club: When you take your girlfriend with you who is not willing to be there, what do you expect her to do? She will sit there, crossing her arms, and you can see in her face how uncomfortable she feels. And above all, the strippers won’t come close to your chair. Don’t you think that’s going to be a traumatic visit?
  • If you are with a group visiting a strip club, don’t buy things that are not worth: When you are visiting in a strip club with your friends, the club will offer you a VIP deal, but it won’t be worth. They will put you people in a separate place with some dancers whose are not capable of going to the stage. Better watch the talents on the stage, they are the real shows off the club.
  • Don’t forget to ask the rules before visit the club: Create awareness in you by learning about the rules in the clubs. You will know when to tip, and how to behave in the club and you won’t face any kind of
  • Don’t keep quiet, rather say No when necessary: Some guys so as to not make feel the strippers rejected, tell them things which aren’t really necessary, like they may say, I’m married, maybe later, etc. You should think strippers as a waitress and a simple “No, thanks” will do for them.