New Platform For The Adult Public Uses Blockchain To Guarantee Anonimate In Payments

That the market for virtual adult entertainment is growing more and more is nothing new. Better yet, you have access to diverse content with complete security and privacy. And it is precisely the blockchain technology that provides this guarantee. That’s why camgirl’s platforms have begun to “embrace” this universe.

Traditionally, websites dedicated to this sphere of “business” had a slower and less private operating scheme. The model needed to provide various data for a form of payment to be registered and the money she got for each show was passed on to her through the website through virtual transactions. That is, a more bureaucratic and time-consuming system.

The blockchain allied to the possibility of payment with virtual currencies, provides camgirls platforms the development of virtual activities with much more security, privacy and anonymity.

Do you know why? The girl does not have to provide so much personal data to receive the money, since the payment with cryptomoedas is anonymous. And, in this way, the client is also not exposed. In addition, they can still receive their retributions much faster, almost instantaneously. Just to get an idea, in the traditional model of “online operation”, there are camgirls that can take weeks to get paid.


Coin Girl is the first encryption-based platform dedicated to adult digital entertainment that will offer diversified options for audiences seeking new experiences. The project will offer services such as: private chats, social profile, chat rooms with open groups, live camera chats, classified and crowdfunding, a form of collection for the models through the provision of their services.

Using the Ethereum blockchain to operate and record transactions, the platform will have its own token, which currently costs $ 0.14 and can be purchased through the official project website:

These tokens will make it possible to achieve profits on this investment, as they can still be obtained using crypto derivatives such as Bitcoin, Ethereum or flat currency in exchanges around the world. They are sent to the customer’s specific wallet and remain there as credit for the site user to spend when and for as long as he wants, with the model he wants, in addition to being able to trade in several exchanges.