Online dating – quantity over quality

When we think of online dating, we often associate it to a number’s game. A lot of us basically go online and try to contact as many singles as we can, hoping that one person will eventually take some interest. We get access to a big list of people and we just go through it, making the process a bit impersonal. But is this really how dating should work? Would you be better of looking for less people, instead focusing on finding the one that is right for you? Should dating be about the quality of the people you meet; or should focus on quantity instead to make sure you gain more experience?

The truth is, it really depends what you want. There is no specific approach that everybody should use, instead you should first consider what you are looking for. So for example if you are looking for true love with a life-long partner, then the qualitative method will probably work best. So in that situation, you can go through reading a lot of people’s dating profiles, but only choose a select few that really capture your attention. Ideally you will be looking for someone who is a good match with your tastes and likes; because most of the time people who are similar will hit it off better as they have more in common.

On the other side, if you are just dating to have a bit of fun, then you can contact as many people as you like without necessarily worrying too much about whether they are the perfect match for you. That doesn’t mean that you should contact everyone in the book, but you can go ahead and broaden the scope of your search. This is especially true with adult dating, where you are mainly looking to have some naughty fun. It doesn’t take too much compatibility for two people to have sex, but you still need to make sure things will work out. So even if you’re sex dating and looking for local horny women at no strings sex or other adult dating sites, you should still pay attention to what you potential partners want as you don’t want to end up having a bad experience with the wrong person.

Whatever you do, don’t feel too guilty about how you approach things. There are as many men as there are women who treat dating as a numbers game, and as long as you don’t lie about your intentions, then people should be fine with it. Basically what you don’t want to do is to pretend to someone you’re looking for love when all you want is to bed them. Honesty is the key point here; it will mean that you will miss out on some people but the ones that do roll along with you won’t be deceived and falsely lured into a situation.

We’re not all romantics, and some of us don’t always know what we want. By trying to meet as many different people, we can build up experience and refine our tastes. Sometimes you think you want a specific thing you end up enjoying something completely different. This is a very good aspect of choosing quantity over quality: at least you get on with it and you don’t close yourself to potential partners that you might well have a great time with. So maybe a good bet is to meet everything half-way: try to date a few people first until you make up your mind on what you truly want. You can’t always tell something is good until you’ve tried, and this is exactly what online dating can help us with.