Passion is attractive

Next time you see a girl falling for a rich guy, don’t be too quick to judge. While, yes, money is important and, to some much more than it would need to be, it’s often not the case that money itself is the only thing that makes someone desirable. Apart from enabling someone to have an easy and even luxurious life, having lots of money can mean that someone is dedicated and passionate and will go a long way to achieve their goals. Now, I’m not saying that all it takes is a dedication to be an attractive millionaire, but enduring, persisting, and not quitting at the first larger obstacle is the way to go. All of this applies to so many more things in life than just money.

Why are guys and girls who go to the gym considered so handsome? Among other reasons, it is because they work hard and that effort shows on their bodies as a visual representation of passion and dedication. In the middle ages, chubby bodies used to be attractive because they meant you were well-off and could indulge yourself in food more than “ordinary folk”, today that changed. Passion and dedication show in many different ways and people are attracted to it. Whether it is about work or a hobby, books, movies, music, finding an even mildly useful thing that you like and becoming good at it is mesmerizing. Young girls get glued to self-proclaimed musicians who ruin parties by playing the only two songs they know on guitar, but that is more than zero. The music is nothing new and probably not even good, but they find their effort and passion insanely attractive.

The same thing goes throughout life. Once you’re done playing those incredible free adult games, find something you’re good at and become better. Of course, different strokes for different folks. Many chicks love athletes so if you’ve probably experienced all of this I’m talking about yourself already. Playing any type of sport also gives you confidence, only enhancing the evident dedication and effort, however bigger or smaller.

Lucky for many, sport and music are just the tip of the iceberg. A large tip, for sure, but still just a small part. Tons of girls are into intelligence just as much as they are into chiseled bodies. Pursuing a degree in any field, being passionate about books and reading, knowing art, movies, even TV shows and, sometimes, video games (though I’d keep knowledge of all those amazing sex games to myself) will make you an interesting person and someone who is fun to listen to and talk to, as long as you don’t go overboard and bore someone uninterested to death.

A sort of weird conclusion to all this is to keep yourself a priority. Find time to develop your hobbies and advance as a person, value your needs, desires, and interests and you can be sure others will start valuing them too which will, in turn, make you attractive.