Protect yourself from the big, bad wolf

With the advent of the Internet the world has become smaller. One can’t deny the fact that despite the physical distance, people today seem closer to you, at times, too close for comfort! At the click of a button, at the swipe of the screen, one can access another person’s profile, read their personality and socialize freely without even being present in each other’s physical space.

Meeting people, striking a friendship or finding love has all become a lot easier today. If you are a lonely soul in search of company, all you need to do is login to one of the countless dating sites and find a companion.

Why people find online dating attractive:

The virtual world is such one has the freedom of portraying himself or herself as anyone. So, if one is looking for company, or romance or even indulging in flirting to pass the lonely hours, one can make up a profile that seems appealing to anyone out there. Some VPNs have security flaws.

Moreover, with busy schedules and rushed lives, people hardly find any time to socialize in the physical world. Therefore, online dating makes for the best way to meet people during their free hours, from the comforts of their homes or offices.

Dangers of online dating:

However, just like every other thing, online dating also has its disadvantages.

You never know the real person behind the screen. Their profile may say one thing, but in reality, the person might be a complete opposite, only interested in taking you for a ride, and maybe, fleece you off your money, too. The best way to stay safe is to use a VPN to protect yourself online. Some VPNs reveal user data.

Often, a person posing as a prospective suitor might have a hidden agenda behind all the sweet talk. The online world offers a safe zone to people who do not want to expose their true identity, but are only interested in passing time, or even deceiving innocent people with flattery and empty promises.

All it takes is a well-made plan and some honeyed words to trap an innocent soul in their web.

How to stay safe

Limiting the chats to the virtual world and to a specified time is the best way to stay safe. Also, being aware of the flip side of the online dating scenario helps one stay safe. Behind every love that actually blossoms into a serious relationship on the online dating site are a hundred incidents of people taking advantage of the naivety of the other person and getting them in trouble.

So, taking things slow and cautiously is the number one rule of the online dating game.

The next thing to remember is to take care of ones personal information. The Internet can supply every kind of information in a matter of seconds. Being wary of what one shares with the person on the other side of the screen will help you stay safe. So, use a reputable VPN for Windows PC.

Hiding your IP address and location by using Express VPN will help you stay safe. The Virtual Private Networks are used to protect private web traffic from snooping. An Express VPN uses strong encryption for data protection from the person you date with. Also, it safeguards your web browser, emails and every other thing you use or see on the Internet, wherever you may be.

With the help of Wi-Fi hotspots, It helps you to browse freely with the knowledge that you are safe and will not be tracked. It helps you stay anonymous.

Lastly, IP address when hidden will make it impossible for third-party sites to show location based targeted advertising.


Online dating can have its pros and cons. Taking precautions, safeguarding your information and being extra cautious while divulging any personal matter is what will help you stay safe.