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Typical work drug tests screen for one or all of the following four substances: cannabinoids (THC), amphetamines, cocaine, or opioids. Of these main categories of drugs that are usually tested on work-related drug tests, marijuana is known to last the longest time in the system; up to 30 days for some users and as much as 60 days for heavy users, depending on the type of test performed and other important factors.  

Saliva Tests  

Since it is less invasive and simpler to obtain, many employers see a saliva test as an improvement on the popular urine drug test (UDT). Research indicates that the exposure to cannabinoids must be much more recent to be detected in a saliva test, with some experts indicating that the exposure must be within a few hours of providing the saliva sample (ranging from 4 to twelve hours, depending on the authority). Other studies indicate that saliva tests can be effective in detecting cannabis use within the past 4 days. Since you want to know how to pass the drug test, it is important to know the facts related to the particular type of screening you are asked to undergo. With some research of your own based on the type and brand of the test, you can determine the effective parameters of the test you are subjected to, and be prepared to discuss some of the questions that may legitimately arise about the drug test you are asked to pass.  

Blood Tests  

The drug test that is most effective at revealing potential impairment from recent marijuana use is from a blood sample.  Typically used by police departments in cases involving automobile marijuana DUI investigations, a blood drug test can usually reveal the presence of actual THC in the bloodstream for hours after smoking. For some heavy regular marijuana users, a blood test may produce a positive result even a day or so after last smoking, although the presence of active THC may not persist for that time. If involved in an automobile case and a drug test is an issue, the timely advice of a competent lawyer may be crucial to the outcome of your case. As always, do your best to know your rights, ask good questions, and stay informed as to how to pass your drug test when important rights are involved.  

Sweat Tests  

Another recent development in drug testing technology is the use of a patch placed on the skin to sample for the presence of prohibited drugs secreted in the perspiration while you are wearing the patch. Generally ordered by courts for those on probation or in disputes over child custody, for example, skin patch perspiration tests are unlikely to be required by an employer in most cases. On the other hand, though, this type of test is perhaps one of the most difficult to evade detection of drug use when it is ordered, as the patch is to remain on the subject’s skin for some two weeks and measure drug metabolites sensed in the person’s sweat throughout that time.  

Study of Your Own at Home  

With advance notice that you are facing a urine drug test in the near future, it makes sense to get a home drug testing kit and check your own results before going in to let the laboratory have a look at your urine. Find out more about detox drinks by reading Qcarbo 16 Clear Drug Tests Review and the Qcarbo 32 Clear Drug Tests Review. This way you know if your efforts to clear your system have been effective, or if you may need to ask for some more time before the test to get clean, or perhaps you might have to try more powerful cleansing methods. If you have a local smoke shop, you can probably find home testing devices there as well as some types of system cleanse for sale, and such items are available online. When you have a job possibility that you don’t want to risk losing over a potentially negative drug test result, it is worth making all the effort you can to be sure that you pass your drug test to get the job you need.