Seduction is vital for arousal – How to arouse and satisfy her in bed

Both seduction and attraction play a direct and vital role in arousal. In case you wish to take your night to the next level, you have to first set the mood. You have to work a bit harder in order to light up that fire in her. You have to take good care of yourself so that you are the person with whom she can get naked. Put in some careful thought into deciding the style which actually brings out the best within you.

You might rather be alarmed to know that most women aren’t looking for that perfect body which is shown in porn movies online. Don’t believe in what you see in those movies as that is nothing but acting and it doesn’t portray what real women want. Here are few tips to satisfy your lady in bed.

#1: Foreplay starts way before you go naked

Majority of us would believe that women want more foreplay. Men consider foreplay as a warmup of the main event and hence they engage in doing as little as is possible. When it comes to pleasing a girl on bed, this is one of the biggest mistakes committed by men. Men reach orgasm quicker than women and hence women have to be stimulated in the best way. You can learn the techniques to eat pussy as this is the best and easiest way of taking your woman towards orgasm. Not all women are equal about their sexual satisfaction and you have to first read your lady love with care.

#2: Know exactly where the clitoris is located

If you take a close look at the female anatomy, you will find the actual location of the clitoris. In case you’re someone eager to satisfy a woman in bed, you’re required to focus your attention to the clitoris. Women expect men to be educated about their body and they don’t love it when their man is confused about where the clitoris is located. A girl always loves clitoris stimulation and hence you should know how to do it in the right way.

#3: Give her compliments about her body

If you wish to feel confident about your body in your bedroom, you need to be told how great you look, smell or feel. When you’re naked and you’re exposing all your lumps and bumps, you might get self-conscious and stop enjoying sex. Being a man, you should give compliments to your lady love and praise her body so that she feels comfortable with you. Unless she is comfortable in her mind, she won’t be able to feel relaxed with you.

#4: Continue to communicate

Women worry about several things and sex isn’t an exception. Men always prefer women to tell them in case something is not okay and if something doesn’t feel good. You have to keep up the level of communication while having sex.

So, now that you know how to stimulate your woman on bed, what are you waiting for? Make sure you follow the advice religiously to give ultimate satisfaction to your partner.