Sex Tips for Young People, from Old People over 40

Well, I hope you’re above 18 years when reading this; this is some sexy wisdom from over 40 dating people, compiled with care and fed with affection. Whether you’re dating singles over 40 or mature women over 40, these will help as a guideline for your sexual conquests in the future.

No matter how good and proficient you are, now and then you must have wished for a few tips to help you stay on course, here’s how;

  • Talking about sex: As time passes by in a relationship, it’s easy to fall into a monotonous routine. You’ll find that you’re simply going through with the act, instead of enjoying it. So ask one another frankly what you want out of the relationship. Have a dirty sex talk, it’ll liven things up quite a bit.
  • Healthy eating: By good nutrition, not only is your body satisfied of its wants, your libido also increases. Healthy foods should be eaten to reduce cholesterol and also ramp up the cardiovascular system. This ensures great performance from the southern hemisphere.
  • Chores: If you lend a helping hand with chores around the house, your partner will feel valued and will open up to you in the bedroom.
  • Exercise: You should exercise regularly each morning. As little as 15 minutes of exercise gets your self-image upgraded, improves confidence and libido. By making exercise a habit, you are promoting cardiovascular growth, and this helps in normal erectile function. But a word of caution, too much exercise will leave you feeling drained. As you settle into a routine, you’ll be in the best position to judge on how long you should exercise for optimal output.
  • Working out together: If you work out with your partner, the beads of sweat and the smell of each other will boost endorphin production, and get both of you in a mood for sex. Be sure to do a bit of stretching as well.
  • Abstinence: Yes, you heard me right. Abstinence is sometimes helpful to get you in the mood. You could practice it for a couple of days, a week and even for a couple of weeks. It makes the mind ache for sex and will ensure better performance when you finally get into bed.
  • Use technology: You could keep your partner in the mood for a wild night if you send her sexy messages during the day. This induces a state of anticipation and she’ll jump on you like a feline when you get back from work.
  • Compliments: They’ve worked in the past and there’s no reason why they should not work now. Compliment your partner on particular features of her body like her hips and chest, and make her feel sexy.
  • Relaxation: While men like excitement to get into the mood, women on the other hand prefer relaxation to encourage them into having sex. Giving your partner a sexy massage is surely going to turn her on majorly.
  • Foreplay: No matter how anxious you are to enter her, it is advisable to spend quite a while on foreplay. Foreplay plays an important part in achieving lava hot orgasms that send shivers down your spine and hers too. Also women tend to have multiple orgasms, so that’s another reason why foreplay is advocated so strongly.
  • Think as women do: In this bit, you need to focus your attention on some neglected areas of her body. For example her feet, neck and inner thighs to name a few. This will cause sexual build up and stimulate the autonomic nervous system. After that you don’t really need to ask her, she’ll be begging for it. Dating over 40 people on