Some reasons why you need to date an engineer?

Are you remember the geek guy, that smart kids in the middle and high school classes? On the honor list, he is a bit shy, afraid to approach the girl? He is not only smart, but also intuitive in the best way, rational, organized, attention to detail, and sometimes even a perfectionist. The people I have met are the least geek guys I know. See why if you encounter a reason, you need to date him and keep him. If you meet someone who is not an engineer and has these characteristics, don’t be fool, he is also a guardian.

He is very rational. When you argue with your best friend, he will listen and analyze your situation. He will provide honest advice on how to treat both parties or one of you. He will help you make a relatively correct decision when necessary. He didn’t know how hot he was, because before he grew up, he still had a nerd complex in middle school and high school.He has the right confidence. He learned that being a sincere, intelligent, and kind guy attracted girls. He is not arrogant in selecting women, and it may be his choice to be practical and warm. On the best engineer dating site, it is easy to date an engineer like this.

They know how to fix things… like everything. He’s like your own super handyman. Never knew how a washing machine worked? Or your light bulb is broken, He will explain it in layman’s terms and fix them. If course, there are some things they can’t solve. But he is an intuitive problem-solver. You will never have to hire anyone to do anything. He can read a book and instantly figure out how something works.When your shower drain is clogged with what is probably hair, he knows what chemicals to use and how to clear it. Do you like a rich engineer with these ability.

When you want to hang a picture in the living room in some creative way; he will help you systematically draw and measure the walls to hang the pictures so that they are perfectly and evenly separated. He can help you write your blog code to make it look even more cute, or surprise you by making video clips in your relationship.

When traveling with a group of people, he knows how to “use the allocated space in the most efficient way.” This means that if you have eight people who want to go to Lake Tahoe, he will let everyone have luggage, skis, Alcohol and food are suitable for the trunk of the suburbs. He needs to have a plan. He was not afraid to do research before making any major purchases.

When you join a geeks dating site, or engineer dating site, you can date many rich guys with super ability. He is a perfectionist and will not give up until he has achieved his goal. There is almost no room for error when it comes to his work. Some people think that they are well dressed and have a perfectly matched shirt, tie, and sock combination, while others are sexy perfectionists. A friend said that she knew that her boyfriend had read the book and studied the chart. Engineering fun.