The Best Escorts for the Best Time Together

You want to treat yourself to a special evening or a breathtaking night with an escort girl? Then you should pay attention to some essential aspects in both the preparation and the meeting in order to benefit from a successful realization. Below are the valuable tips.

Quality agencies

It does not matter if you want a charming companion during a business trip or if you are planning an affair, only with a reputable agency can this succeed. Since there are some black sheep in the market, which are not noticed with good service and educated escorts, but with unreliability and incompetence, you have to look carefully. Discretion, accessibility and a personal service should be self-evident.

Tips for escort selection

The selection of beautiful women is huge. You can simplify the challenge with the personal details of the accompaniments. You do not like smokers, do you want to talk or travel with women over the weekend? Check the ladies’ data for clues to find suitable women in

Type of meeting

A customer-oriented agency adapts to customer wishes and supports you in organizing the escort project. Think about whether you would like to have a romantic candlelight dinner followed by a hotel visit or spend a whole day in a chic spa with the escort. The imagination knows no bounds, but the more you coordinate your wishes with the agency, the better. Spontaneous changes should be avoided, as the accompaniments prepare for the booking details and prepare accordingly.

4th meeting point

Public spaces such as hotels, restaurants or a vernissage are preferred in many places. Private apartments are taboo to protect the escorts at many escort services. If you meet your companion in a strange city, it makes sense to ask the agency for suggestions. The escorts are usually well-versed on site, so tips are useful.


If it is a competent escort service, escorts cannot be booked for less than two hours. Pay attention and check the availability of your favorite!

Sex, lust and erotic

Whether it comes to sex depends on you and the escort. With some escort agents, you can reveal sexual preferences or express wishes directly during online booking. An important aspect was mentioned in the blog under the site, where it says “that it can come to intercourse, but only if the performance of the lady is offered.” If you know exactly what you want, you should specify. If you want to be surprised instead and see what the evening brings, that’s alright. Since you pay for an escort project for time and not for certain activities, it is up to you two whether you leave it at romantic dinner or in bed.


In addition to advance transfer, it is customary to pay in cash directly at the beginning of the meeting. Never put an escort in a predicament and delay payment or even forget the money. Put it in a stylish envelope and tip it to the lady without being asked. That makes a good impression and prevents unpleasant situations.