The Hookup Take Over – How Dating Site Have Been Overruled By Hookup Culture

A long time ago, pre mobile phone, and pre free hookup apps, there was moment where dating online was still a young, sprouting idea which actually led to marriage and long term relationships.

Those days are long gone. What has surfaced to replace traditional dating sites are what have been labeled as adult dating, or hookup sites. Sites like, and have been leading the way for years now. These sites are geared to finding people in your exact area who want to have sex.

Some of these site you need to pay for and other free hookup apps are actually really free and do work; however there is a catch. In order to gain access to the entire site you will need to spend a little something. Now if laying out a few dollars each month in exchange for the excitement of receiving sext-message from potential hookups is worth for you than go for it. Like any dating site you need to take the time out to create your profile, and add a good amount of photos to it. Don’t worry, the security settings on these site are strong and your information will not be shared with the search engines.

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So what happened to dating?

When internet dating just started off people were in awe of the vast network of individuals who were interested in finding love and romance online. For years top sites paired people together and life long marriages were sparked. Many people found tremendous success in dating sites, so what happened to them?

Some people attribute the new hookup culture to technology and a new generation who is set on the joys of instant gratification. The millennials generation created the hookup culture. This instant brand of dating is based on the ability to find locals right in your area and could not be accomplished without geo-friendly technology and hookup apps that employ geo software.

There are millions of people on hookup sites, as well as paid and free hookup apps. These site have become so popular that the traditional dating sites now have hookup sections on their sites as well. It is hard to believe that people are more direct now than they had been when internet dating first started, but you can feel the difference. Just have a look at a site like and browse through the photos. Everything is exposed from the top down. People have more ambition than ever before.

Scrolling through the thousands of profiles you can quickly see that everyone is joining hookup sites. People rarely meet by chance, everything is pre-scripted and digitized. This means easier access and more chances at getting lucky online. For those that are still looking for a long term relationship, you can strike a genuine romance on an adult dating site but you may need to sift through some of the hardcore adult content before you find your knight or princess.

Hooking up online

The time has come and you finally decided to find some action and by joining a hookup site online. There are thousands of them so which do you choose, what securities are in place to protect your identity, what happens if someone you know see’s you. All of these are great questions that should be directed to the support team at your prospective paid hookup site or free hookup app. This is a great way to first test that the site is legit and their support team is real and able to actually support you prior to joining.

Be sure that your membership is valued by the platform that you are joining and look at where they are most widely used. No sense in joining a hookup site in New York if you live in England.  

Realize that you are engaging in casual experiences that will enhance your sex life. It’s a really easy and fun way to meet new people. You have a great ratio depending on your sex and you already know that the members you are corresponding with are available.

It could be that your soulmate is in fact on a site like MegaHookup or Fling, but you won’t know until you try your luck. Sticking with the times calls for adjustments and if you need to make an adjustment to your personal life by joining an adult themed dating site than go for it. You have little to lose and only to gain. You never know who you will meet from one of these sites, which is part of the allure and excitement of hooking up online.

After a view views at some of the sex chats, or steamy live videos you will wonder how you survived so long without your hookup site in your pocket.