The joy and excitement of oral sex

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A penis in vagina intercourse doesn’t always lead to orgasm and numerous women consented to this. According to a study, almost 70% of women described oral sex to be highly pleasurable and it is not tough to guess the reasons. Oral sex does result in extra wetness and a woman feels the physical comfort of getting in place of giving. For enjoying oral sex, you must attempt newer poses which can activate more intense feelings and make you turn more empowered and sexier. Actually, oral sex which doesn’t get completed in orgasm is never fun. Again, oral sex also results in excellent foreplay when you intend to have penetrative sex with your woman too.

The process of providing oral sex to your woman

When you don’t know how to give oral sex to a woman then you can follow the following tips:

  • Begin by running your fingertips up and down your woman’s thighs, but don’t touch her pussy.
  • Begin to kiss plus lick her inner thighs besides running your hands up and around her legs, thus, drawing nearer to nearer to her pussy, still minus touching it.
  • When you have done this, then you can take it as long as your woman is enjoying this act.
  • Begin to kiss and lick her outer labia and return fast to her inner thighs and her pelvis too.
  • When you have done this for some time, then you can shift your attention to stroking, before kissing and licking the labia minora. Throughout this act, you must return to her outer lips, pelvis, and inner thighs fast again and again.
  • Lastly, you can start touching and licking her vaginal opening.

However, you should continue to maintain eye contact with your lady all through the session and keep gazing up at her. Even if she does not look at you but it will keep enhancing her pleasure further.

Some important points to remember

When you have known how to give oral sex to a woman and has been proceeding with a sex toy meant for penetration, then she might opt for the vibrator or the dildo inside her when you have been licking. It will permit you to concentrate and she will like the rhythm the best. Now, if your tongue or mouth tires, then you can provide it some rest but you must also substitute the stimulation with the help of the vibrator or your hand. You must also know that women take longer to come compared to men and numerous women remain anxious about this. No matter what you do, you must never make her feel bad regarding how long it has been taking.