Things that you can’t miss before getting married

Strip clubs (and strippers, of course) are often synonymous with a bachelor party, not every groom is going to want this as their last hurrah. Or maybe they like the idea but don’t want to spend the entire night—or weekend—in a dark den of dancing dames.  That in mind, here are a few other bachelor party ideas other than the usual.

What Happens In Vegas…

While Sin City certainly has its titillating call, there is a reason this is often the premier destination for people who are about to get married.  The city boasts not only anonymity but, and more importantly, variety.  Sure, you could go to a strip club or have one come to your room but there is so much more to do in Vegas that you might not have time!  From burlesque shows to world famous recording artists in concert to iconic sleight of hand, Las Vegas offers some of the finest entertainment anywhere in the world.  Couple that with exquisite buffets or gourmet feasts and you have the beginning of something special.  

If that is not enough, some casinos have full theme parks or water parks. Golf packages, nightclubs that go till 4am, and round-the-clock gambling and boozing it up certainly make for a killer weekend.  Consider renting a limo, though, if you are out for a night on the town.

Get Out of Here

But maybe your groom-to-be is a little more laid back; or just looking for something a little more intimate.  After all, marriage often means that the brotherhood takes a back seat to matrimony; so maybe he just wants some quality time with the boys.  Maybe he really is more of a mountain man than a city boy.  Whatever the reason, you might consider a weekend in the great outdoors: camping in a tent by the lake, or in a mountain cabin.  Perhaps some fishing or hunting—and lots of beer, of course.  

If you really want to up the ante (pardon the pun) maybe he has always wanted to wrestle steers or white water raft or hike a famous trail.  Basically, you can be adventurous in the literal sense of the word.

Go For Broke

If you are going to go all out, perhaps consider something extreme like scuba diving or sky diving.  After all, what could be more terrifying than marriage?  But seriously, nothing brings people together quite like a little death defiance, right?