Tips on Using a Fox Butt Plug for the First Time!

Are you nervous?

You may have heard of quite a few times, but have you ever used it? If you haven’t and you have already purchased one for yourself, we are sure you are nervous. Since it goes inside your butt, you may fear using it. No doubt you feel excited to see such things in videos or pictures, but when it is in your hands and you think it is time for you to use it, you start shivering in your shoes.

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But trust us when we say that you don’t need to be worried about anything at all – you can Buytailplugs and then use them no matter what you feel when you hold one in your hands. After all, there is always a first time!

If you are looking for certain tips on using such a butt plug for the very first time, here is a list that is going to change your whole life:

  1. Make sure the butt plug you have is of good quality: Always check the reputation of the brand you have chosen to own. If you think the quality is good, it is time for you to use it safely.
  2. Never borrow a butt plug from anyone, no matter how tempting it looks or how close you are to your friend: You may like a friend’s butt plug, but never use someone else’s anal stuff. It is unhygienic!
  3. Clean the butt plug, even if it is the first time someone is using it: No doubt you have just opened the box of the butt plug and it is virgin, cleaning it is very important.
  4. At first, use it when you are alone: Don’t just wear it in front of your partner, unless you are used to it. Get comfortable with the new toy.
  5. Get into the right mood: Watch an erotic film or read something to entice yourself before you insert it into your butt.
  6. Lubricate the butt plug if you find it too hard to slide in: Use a good lubricant.

Once you get all the above things right, you are surely going to have awesome fun using such a thing on your own. Then, you can either surprise yourself with it when you explore your body or surprise your partner when you wear it for him.