Top 3 Super Hot Tips to Rekindle the Passion in Your Relationship

Your relationship seems to have lost its spark, yet breakup is certainly not the solution you have in mind. As long as you’re both up to try to rekindle the passion, you should start by improving or spicing up the time you spend together. Experts say that sex has magic powers when it comes about strengthening weakened relationships. The only rule is to keep experiencing together. Here are 3 super hot tips to bring back the passion in your couple life.

  1. Truth or dare?

You most probably know this game. Well, you and your partner can play it in a very interesting way. Not to mention that it can also work as a great prelude. All that you have to do is ask your partner any question about his or her sexual desires or fantasies. This way, you’ll both get to know each other’s preferences in terms of sex. If your partner picks dare instead of truth, have him or her kiss you or touch you in a certain way. This will quickly become one of your favorite games.

  1. Sensory games? Definitely!

This is another game that works wonders in terms of rekindling the passion in your relationship. The secret is to say yes to any type of activity that would stimulate your sexual desires, no matter if it involves other people. And no, we’re not talking about a threesome. What if you give sensual erotic massage a try? This can be one of the most intense ways of spice up your sex life and develop new erotic fantasies that you can explore as soon as you get into the privacy of your bedroom.

  1. Sexual appetite?

Did you know that sexual appetite can be stimulated by certain ingredients? Food is an excellent stimulus for sexual desires, therefore you can use this trick to strengthen your relationship. Taste is one of the senses you can play with by using several aphrodisiacs foods such as chocolate, vanilla, bananas, fish or red wine. Hence, after a nice dinner that will increase the sexual connection between the two of you, you can take your time and enjoy the foreplay. This will result in a night that you’ll never forget.