Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Date A Filipina Girl

Filipina girls are one of the most sought-after female partners in the world and for good reasons. More and more men are seeking the amazing companionship of these ladies and that is statistically proven with the ever-growing number of interracial relationships and marriages including Mizz Filipina girls.

To be clear, we are all about female beauty and power and that every girl is equally incredible,  but in this article, we will be discussing what makes Filipina girls diamonds in the ruff all on their own exquisiteness.

#1 They are sweet and friendly.

Filipinos have this term called malambing that can be defined as a more positive version of being clingy that is why they can breeze through the Philippines dating scene with ease. Being malambing or sweet-natured is an inherent characteristic found with these women that makes them stand out. It can vary from being loving with their partners, calling them with affectionate names, or just by any other girlfriend-ly measure that is just deemed ordinary to expect from other women.

It comes as a pair with their friendly nature. When a friend or colleague visits their house, you can expect that it will be welcomed with warm greetings and hearty meals so that the guests can feel relaxed and have a good time. It’s even a joke to most that you can drop in unannounced and expect the same treatment with lighthearted feeling.

#2 They are natural homemakers.

Asian women are always thought to be good at doing household chores and these are proven true even with the continuous rise of female empowerment. Filipina girls are taught how to cook, clean, and just about everything that a lady has to know when the time comes for her to get married. Just as how women from earlier times are expected to stay at home and run the house, this is still evident with them and has a perfect balance with the evolutionary change of women taking on more spots in the working industries. Their diligence at home is being brought into their workplace and is a good advantage.

Filipina girls have mastered alternating their roles as the woman of the house and as a financial provider as well.  

#3 They are beautiful.

All women around the world are beautiful but Filipina girls statistics to back up their claim. The Philippines holds one of the top ranks among the world countries with various beauty pageant contests because of their consecutive wins and almost-sure inclusion in the Top 5 spots for almost all beauty contests. The historic win of Pia Wurtzbach is just the tip of the iceberg as they have a lot more women who managed to bring home the crown in honor of their home country.

It is also safe to say now that they are also amazingly smart as beauty pageants not only promotes physical beauty but also intelligence. Beauty contests are very cutthroat battles and you can only agree that there’s a reason behind Filipina girls killing it and in turn, why Philippines dating is such a popular industry.

#4 They are family-oriented.

Not only are they good homemakers but Filipina girls are devoted to their own family and the family that they will have with their partner. Being filial is a natural trait for them and they are taught to give back to their families even while being independent on their own. It is to pay off the hard work their parents spent while raising them. They are brought up in a tight-knit family relationship that makes holidays (and even just regular days) so special.

If you decide to have a family with them, you will have a great family life filled with love and children who are being raised right and well. A Filipina girl is in for the long haul for nourishing her partner and their kids with their deep held belief in the idea of marriage and family life.

#5 They are the perfect mix.

The perfect mix of graceful innocence and fierce confidence, that is. Not to stereotype but there is some truth with Asian women being more demure than their Western counterparts. But don’t let their shy faces and manners fool you into thinking that they are nothing but fragile, there is a hidden tiger confidence inside these ladies.

You can owe this to the lifestyle in the Philippines that is why Filipina girls are naturally bred to fight through life for their own and their family. Comfort in life is earned and a Filipina girl knows how to get to the top with her splendid intelligence and passion.

#6 They know the word respect.

One of the highlights of Filipino culture is its huge homage to the art of respect. The use of po and opo and even the pagmano etiquette are god examples. Early in life, Filipino kids are raised with a huge emphasis in having regards with the elderly or even with just other people in general. In fact, almost everyone is somehow being regarded as a family member. It is not unheard of when Filipinos call a complete stranger ate (older sister) or kuya (older brother) even if they are just a simple vendor on the streets. No one is treated as a lesser person.

Not only that, kindness at all times possible is a mantra. Taking the high road even in the most infuriating situations makes them even more partner potential.

#7 They are the sunshine.

Filipina girls is almost a synonym for the word happiness. With a very trying living status in the Philippines, Filipinos have acquired the everyday smile even on the most trying times. Expect your Filipina girlfriend to be your rock when you are down, to shower you with extra care and kisses even when you’re too tired of life to do the same for her. Their love for you will be unconditional and they expect nothing from you but to be the same.

They are not damsels in distress but they do yearn for their own prince charming.

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