Top Role-play Ideas that Prague Escorts Can Offer You (Using Props You Already Have)

Prague escorts can teach us a lot of things: beauty regimens, life lessons, sexual positions… But how do we steam up the regular humdrum bedroom time? With role play of course!

Getting a little kinky in the bedroom is a great way to bring your sex back from the boring crypt of missionary that we all get locked into at times. Not everyone is made for, or even turned on by, BDSM, rope bondage, toys, or any other of the standard dirty quirks we hear about. We asked a few of our favorite Prague escorts what they do to spice up intimate time with folks who are resolutely vanilla, the answer was unanimous. It sounds like it’s time for some role play, and we have just the scenarios you like- Mr. Bond

What is Role Play

Role play is essentially the practice of bringing theatrics into the bedroom. It can be easy- using costumes and props that you already have; or ultra-elaborate- where you and your partner keep a special section of your closet filled with all of the costumes you collect as a team. A few of our Prague escort role play guides even have entire closets dedicated to their role-play costumes.

Role play is a sexy little kink that can be great for pretty much anyone, adding in just as much (or as little) sex fueled creativity that you like. There are no real rules, outside of it needing to be consensual for everyone, and you can easily take it to any level that both you and your partner are comfortable with.

Prague escort Lucia suggests “start with scenarios based on careers you already have. Are you a nurse? Put on those scrubs and play doctor. A plumber? Maybe it’s time to fix your wife’s pipes. Using props, costumes, and roles that you already play in real life is a great way for people to quickly get comfortable with the idea of role play and it allows them to play out their hottest workplace fantasies, all in one go!”

How to Prepare

Preparing for role play basically just require outlining the roles that you and your partner will play, giving a general scenario, and then going from there. Make sure that both you and your partner are on the same page as far as boundaries are concerned and don’t feel pressured to do anything that you’re (or they’re) not comfortable with.

Props and costumes have a wide range of possibilities, so don’t feel like you have to rush out and buy a $1,000 Elizabethan dress, just to get your lover to rip it off of you. Natalie, a Prague escort, says that one of her favorite role plays is boss and naughty secretary. “It may seem kind of played out, but I love the feeling of getting thrown on top of a desk and being ravished. All it takes it some business casual wear, a desk, and a wild imagination!”

Clever Scenarios

Our panel of Prague escorts have put together a few of their favorite scenarios to play, that don’t require much more than what you probably already have lying around the house.

Mr. Bond-age

That tux that you have from your brother’s wedding, 5 years ago? Get that. A sexy dress. Naughty panty set, and a martini shaker is all it takes to get this scenario to give up all the goods.

You and your partner play 007 and whatever scantily clad sex villain is currently tormenting our international hero. Throwing in some light bondage, when you’re desperately attempting to get the insolent spy to talk can be a plus. But watch out! It could be a double cross, and he’s had his fingers in your honeypot the whole time…

Can I Buy You a Drink?

This scenario is best played out by starting off the game in an unfamiliar bar or restaurant. Put on a nice dress and wait for your mysterious stranger to meet you at this (previously agreed upon) spot. When he appears, seemingly from nowhere and nervously offers to buy you a drink- don’t turn him down, this could be destiny!

Throw in as many added twists and turns as you like, while the two of you make your hasty exit back to your bedroom. Maybe you are a married woman, but you’ve never felt passion like this before. Or perhaps, you’ve been working as one of the famous Prague escorts for many years, but this is the first time you’ve fallen in love with a client, what will you do?

Celebrity Sex Tape

Get dressed up to get down! The beauty of the celebrity sex tape scenario is that it doesn’t take any special costumes, just dress up and impersonate your favorite celebrities, who get a bit too tipsy and then it’s lights, camera, and action in the bedroom! Make sure to film your celebrity encounter with a small and super crappy camera to get the real feel. Our Prague escorts suggest a cellphone.

When the night is over and your passion is spent, you can watch the b reel of your naughty night again and again. Try out different characters in different places for an added twist.