Top Tips on Hiring an Escort in Greece

With busy lifestyles eating into the time it takes to find a date, escort hire is fast becoming one of the safest and easiest ways to secure the company of an attractive woman.

If you’re new to escort hire and want to know more, check out our best tips based on the most frequently asked inquiries:

Is it legitimate to hire an escort?

Absolutely! You are simply paying someone for their time when you hire an escort. How you spend that time however, can be negotiated and agreed upon between you.

How much does an escort cost and what do I get for my money?

The cost of an escort’s time varies depending on what you need them to do and for how long.

Generally speaking, the minimum amount of time you can book an escort for is one hour and you can expect to pay anything from? 90 upwards for the pleasure.

Basically, you get what you pay for; a bilingual escort for a corporate event is likely to charge you more than someone to accompany you over lunch.

It’s important to be clear about what you need when you make a booking– but you can always expect your escort to be punctual, suitably dressed, and able to behave appropriately in any environment.

The price you agree is for their time only, beyond that, you are responsible for the cost of any dinners or tickets and can negotiate any further additional costs in person as and when the need arises.

Is it safe to hire an escort?

Like any service that you are willing to hand money over for, there’s always someone with a scam ready to swindle you out of it. The secure way to hire an escort is to use a trusted online provider like Vivastreet that only lists reputable adult workers.

The most professional, quality escorts use these services for their protection as well as your own.

How will the escort recognize me?

If you use a reputable service, they may ask you for a photograph but don’t feel obligated to give them one. Their job is to brief the escort on what you look like, what you will be wearing and also a codeword or phrase you can use to identify one another, so be as clear as you can in your instructions and make sure you arrive on time.

What will an escort expect of me?

Escorts know that this is not a date. They won’t expect flowers or the promise of another meeting but they will expect you to treat them respectfully, to be punctual and to have good personal hygiene.

You’re paying for their time so they’ll also expect instructions from you about how you want to spend it, don’t be shy, but never assume that you can charm your way into extra time or services.

How do I pay?

This depends on the escort you choose but a price will always be agreed before you meet.

Where can I hire an escort?

You can find ads for escorts on personals pages in magazines, but the smartest way to hire one is to use our quality escort listings while you’re here.

We allow you to search various escort profiles, unlock their personal contact number and even speak with them via messaging before committing to a booking, so you can personally select your ideal woman to spend time with.