Understanding the fastest growing of live webcam business

One of the fastest growing businesses in the red zone of the Internet has been the rise of webcamers, girls (usually, but also men, couples and even groups) that interact live with an online audience through a camera. The business model and the familiarity achieved in the sessions can make a live webcam girl earn $ 400 in 1 hour, which is especially convenient for students or housewives with a lot of free time.

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It is much less sexual than people think as usual. Especially if you are a middle income cam girl, it is much more about making your own community … If you only want to have a good time all night because you left work and do not have a girlfriend or friends, it’s a good 2 hours. We talk, I make jokes, we listen to music, and I smoke a joint or they can drink with me or smoke with me, it’s a lot like being with friends.

Although you can find videos of cam girls as a category on many porn sites, it’s actually more about the type of performance that differentiates each one: there are some that disguise themselves and others that simply masturbate on camera, others invite friends or simply take a shower. Actually the variety is overwhelming for the newcomer, but the ability to develop a community of followers is the highest priority of anyone who wants to professionally engage in business.

What about the customers? Despite what one might think, they are not (always) perverts looking for fun. Young guys are people who work too much, like auto mechanics or other office occupations where they only arrive home and are exhausted, and do not want to leave, and just want someone to talk to.