What to do about loneliness

Most adults have been through a tough break-up at some point of their life. Nowadays, only a small number of couples stays together for ever. More and more marriages end in a divorce. Going through a break up can be very tough. Getting used to being alone takes time and effort.

Especially men tend to not being able to deal with their emotions properly. In many cases this leads to alcohol or drug abuse. A man, who is addicted to drugs or alcohol is even less likely to find an adequate partner. It’s a vicious circle. Many men hide their emotions until they end it all by committing suicide. It’s a very shocking fact: the number of men who commit suicide is five times as high as the number of women, who end their lives voluntarily.

But what can men do, in order to deal with the end of a relationship without blowing out their brains with a bullet, intentionally provoking a fatal overdose or throwing themselves in front of a train? In the following text we’ll show you three easy ways to kill yourself. Just kidding! We will show you three easy tricks to deal with a broken heart, without killing yourself!

  1. Talk about your feelings:  In order to slowly but surely handle your emotional instability, it is very important, that you talk to people other than yourself, when your home alone and drunk. See a psychologist! Just do it. Why not write your own blog about love. The positive effect of a thorough therapy is undeniable. Be a man and see a doctor before taking irreversible measures.
  2. Remember your loved ones. Even if your wife left you and took your children with you. Even if you lost your job, even if they banned you from your favourite bar for misbehaving under the influence – There will always be somebody to whom you mean something. Do you have siblings? Good friends you haven’t spoken to in a while, or a pet? Remember them and don’t leave them alone. You should now how it feels to be left alone.
  3. There’s always religion. Religious groups can be found almost everywhere. In most cases participating in these types of groups is even for free! Yet, you have to be sure to choose the right one. Scientology is known for unproportionally high subscription costs, on the other hand you get to be part of a cool sci-fi religion – just like Tom Cruise!