Why Men Cheat On Their Girlfriend

To be cheating is simply to break the trust of the couple when keeping secrets away from intimacy. In short, men cheat on their girlfriend when they lie consciously and knowing that their behavior is not correct. Apart from the tools used to be cheating; the reasons why they deceive their girlfriend remain the same as always.

Reasons Why Men Cheat On Their Girlfriend

  1. Their partner does not give them enough: This is a very common reason to be cheating. The subject finds that his partner does not provide enough love, time and attention that he considers appropriate and that they do receive the family of the girlfriend or work.
  2. They believe that love has disappeared: The cheater subject mistakenly perceives that love has ended in the relationship because the sexual and romantic intensity of the first steps in a relationship is no longer given. Men often look for escorts and adventures because their friends do it as well.

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  1. There is an emotional void: If the relationship is unsatisfactory the most normal is that sooner or later one of its members will end up cheating. Sex and romance are used to fill an emotional void.
  2. They know that they are going to leave their partner, but they want to have someone in the bedroom: Before they face reality and tell their partner that for them the relationship is over, they look for a substitute, so they can replace their partner in as long as the decision has been made.
  3. They feel insecure: The unfaithful person feels inferior in terms of his partner: older, uglier, with less money. Infidelity serves to reaffirm his value in the love market, raising self-esteem as it is considered desirable.
  4. They get bored: Although the relationship can be generally satisfactory, at some point simply one of them is bored and wants to try something special. Find a mysterious and intense pleasure in a secret relationship.
  5. They want to retaliate: Some men cheat only as revenge for a behavior of their partner that they consider unfair. Perhaps as a suspect of infidelity on the other side, before they communicate anything, they prefer to be cheating.
  6. They have an unresolved trauma: According to numerous studies, people who have suffered in childhood some type of trauma such as emotional abandonment, physical abuse or sexual abuse are more likely to be cheating towards their partners.
  7. They have irrational expectations of what their girlfriend should offer: These people expect their partners to give them everything they ask for, and fulfill all their needs. When their partners inevitably fail, they feel that infidelity is justified.